Create a Daily Planner [Time Management Series]

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Welcome to the first installment of my Time Management Series. I started this series on my blog as a way for me to share what I have learned while organizing my life all the time while at college. I've had some ups and downs during the process of getting my life back together, but this time as I'm on the up swing, I wanted to share my journey with you!

Creating a Daily Planner

Some time last year I wrote a very successful post about how I use my filofax to stay organized, and shortly after that post I fell out of love with my organizational system that I was using. I haven't been able to find my niche again until just recently.

Creating a daily planner that you love looking at every day can be a real task. You want it to be malleable from day to day, fun and entertaining to look at, and easy to use. Currently, I use my outlook calendar and tasks!

My new job requires that I have an outlook exchange account to handle all of my emails and scheduling. Moving all of my information on the online calendar I realized that this was an amazing tool that I could use at anytime and anywhere. That's why this daily planner works so well for me--I can have it anywhere!

Some other daily planners are available online like google calendar, yahoo calendar, etc. I also used to love using printable calendars that I would pop into my binders and physically write what I needed to do each day. This one here is one of my favs.

I'd love to answer any questions that you guys have for me about how I management my time with a daily planner. Let me know in the comment section below!

How to turn any room into a productive office [As Seen On: WeAreIU]

Hey all!
I have another wonderful post for you :) This little something was written over at WeAreIU.com! I hope you like it, and if you do--don't forget to share this article with your friends.

Hey Hoosiers!
Now that we're all off on our own getting ourselves up and in action is sometimes hard to do alone. These next couple steps can hopefully get you back in the grove of being productive without your parents nagging over your shoulder. Whether you are in an apartment or stuck at the dorms, these steps can really help anyone get their rear in gear... just in time for finals!

Turn Your Room Into A Productive Office graphic

Define your work space

It can be really hard not to just work in your PJs while lounging in bed 24/7. I know I was on the struggle bus my freshman year especially! Defining your workspace just means treating your desk as an office. Even though no one is holding your accountable try setting time frames in which you must be "at work." This helps me make sure I get the proper studying done every day. And if you become an expert at that, bump it up a notch, try defining how you LOOK at your workspace--this will prepare you mentally for a day in the office.

Hang shelves/utilize them wisely

Getting things off your desk means clutter cannot distract you! Everything needs a home in your new defined workspace so hang shelves, utilize plastic organizers, and put everything where it goes. I've hear of people using shoe racks to hold their printers and papers proving you can't be too creative when it comes to organization.

Create a mood board

This means creating a real life Pinterest board--fill your wall by your desk with pictures of things you like, stuff that inspires you, or motivational quotes. Whatever gets you excited to work and pumped to use your desk is best!

Avoid distractions

Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Email! All of these things can jump in the way of you getting an important project done. What I like to do in order to avoid being distracted by these spiraling time wasters is set a time limit/routine and stick to it. For example, if I know a project is going to take two hours I start by spending 5 minutes checking those distractions and making myself at ease (and not feeling like I need to be on them while I work). Then every half hour I check them again for another 5 minutes. Having a set timer is a perfect way to make sure your actual work still gets done without shutting out all social media!

An open letter to my desk

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Dear Desk,

Thank you for holding all of my stuff--I really and truly appreciate what you do. However, why does all this junk accumulate so quickly? I know you're here for a reason, but why can't you just keep my stuff organized for once.

It's a stressful job, and I know Sky and I have to take some of the blame. We keep setting things on you that don't belong and horde everything that should be thrown away. But sometimes I feel like you just aren't even trying to work with me. I try to get you plastic organizers, but you just don't get along well with them. I put a trash can right next to you so the clutter doesn't pile up, and you ignore it like it's not even there. None of my efforts work, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

There are some lessons you need to learn, but I guess I'm just going to have to work with you. You need to learn how to put the dishes away--sorry, but they just don't belong on the desk top. Your next lesson is going to be how to organize cords because you just seem to throw everything around. Finally, some day I'll teach you how to close down the computer, turn off my second monitor, lock my iPad screen, put my camera back in it's case, and keep my phone charged all the time.

Teaching you all these skills is going to be a fun journey, so please stick with me. I do really love you (I couldn't do my work without you here). I know we can coexist well together, but you just need to try. Maybe I'll even try to reacquaint you with the plastic organizers again, I promise you both can be friends.

Talk to you again soon,

Do I wear this? | The Danyzell Hanger Method

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Hey critters!

Have you ever had those articles of clothing in your closet that have been there for years—the shirts that you have never worn, or those pair of black slacks that haven’t been out in the daylight since 2010? It’s time for a change, and I am here to help!

This is what I call The Danyzell Hanger Method. The new year is a perfect time to clean out some of those old clothes that you never wear and remember the others that you just totally forgot about. I know that that’s what my closet desperately needs, and I’m thinking that a lot of other people could benefit from a closet revamp, too.

The hanger method is a visual way for you to see if you have been wearing certain articles of clothing in your closet. It allows you to actually see what you haven’t touched in weeks and gives you the push you need to either get rid of it or break out that old fashion trend again.

[Step 1- Do ALL of your laundry]
      >Do I really have to give any other explanation for this? Just take the time to accomplish this task so that way all your clothes are in one spot and you can assess them together.
 [Step 2- Turn the hangers facing backwards/“the wrong way”]

     > I would imagine that this is rather odd from most people, but that’s what makes this method effective. This also proves why the first step is so important. You need to be able to start this change as a collective group rather than trying to time when you wear things because they weren’t all together at the start.
 [Step 3- Wear your clothes]

     > Set unused hangers off to the side- Having the visual of the hangers being backwards is definitely the core of why The Danyzells Hanger Method works. When you wear your clothes take the now empty hangers and hang them “the right way” off to the side. This moves them out of the way and makes putting clothes away a breeze (no more searching for those empty ones).
 [Step 4- Hang them back up “the right way”]

      >The cool part about this is the visual that it creates. All of the clothes you haven’t worn are turned backwards and the ones you have are right way round. When you look at your closet now you can determine if you want to wear something over again or try something new.
 [Step 5- Clean out your closet]

     > Continue this process for 1-3 months- Even after you wash most of your clothes continue keeping the one’s you’ve worn within this time span front ways and the others backwards. This will give you the visual of what you haven’t worn for awhile.
     > Evaluate the clothes turned backwards- After this process if you still have some items turned around then you need to think about why they are this way and what you are going to do about it. Ultimately, it is your choice whether you need to get rid of them.
         Reasons why items could still be turned backwards
          1) You just never wear that item. This is probably the most common and means you really should just donate it or get rid of it.
          2) You never had an occasion to wear it. I would say that this would be true for something like a dressy gown or silky dress—it helps to think to yourself: should I have worn this at some point?
          3) It is a seasonal item. During the summer you wouldn’t really need to wear those warm sweaters, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wear them in the winter.

And it was seriously that easy! I hope this little trick can really help you all jump start your next year. Let me know in the comment section below how your backwards hanger journey works out.

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New Room Tour

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Good day critters!

I am super pumped to show you all my new filming room. I have a dorm room this year that I plan on using almost exclusively for filming and blogging, and then all of my normal everyday living will be with SkyCzar in his house. Remember, the filming room is still a work in progress and so some things that I mention today may change.
As soon as you walk into the room you will see my awesomely pink bed :) I don't plan on really ever sleeping here so eventually I want to get some more pillows and a couple body pillows to lay out and make the bed into something more like a couch. I also have a lamp near by that will be displayed in the background of almost all of my videos. I like it because it is cute and functional. On the wall, I am attempting to make an awesome backdrop! Right now I only have a few posters, but I am really wanting the help of all of you in making the background look spectacular. If you want to send me something for me to hang up let me know in the comment section below.
This is with me standing at the door.

In the room, I also have a bookshelf that will someday house more books, movies, and other odds and ends. I have a microwave for delicious snacks that sits on top of another set of cabinets that was generously provided for me by the dormitory staff (or whoever it is that decides what furniture we receive). On the window sill I have put some potted plants. I really hope to get more that I can put all around the room because I love plants, and they really help the room look more spacious, decorative, and alive. Along the furthest wall is my wardrobe that is currently not holding anything because I don't actually live and change and whatnot at the dorm.

The main part of the room for me is my desk. Since I am using this space as a filming/blogging/office area, the desk is very important. I have a calendar hanging that is specifically used for blogging purposes, my filofax and other planning utensils, my laptop and mouse, a mirror for make-up tutorial videos, the new tripod I just got for my camera, and [currently only one] lamp. The desk, as well as, the chair, were provided already in the room when I moved in, and they are both very nice and in good condition. I am so happy because everything in this room is starting to seem perfect!

Thank you all so much for all of the support that I have been receiving all summer even with the moving and schedule changing. This room is definitely going to be a start to a better, more successful blog and I am super excited... so, get excited too!
As always, don't forget to comment with any suggestions, feedback, or basically anything you want to say below.

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