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Hey critters!

Have you ever had those articles of clothing in your closet that have been there for years—the shirts that you have never worn, or those pair of black slacks that haven’t been out in the daylight since 2010? It’s time for a change, and I am here to help!

This is what I call The Danyzell Hanger Method. The new year is a perfect time to clean out some of those old clothes that you never wear and remember the others that you just totally forgot about. I know that that’s what my closet desperately needs, and I’m thinking that a lot of other people could benefit from a closet revamp, too.

The hanger method is a visual way for you to see if you have been wearing certain articles of clothing in your closet. It allows you to actually see what you haven’t touched in weeks and gives you the push you need to either get rid of it or break out that old fashion trend again.

[Step 1- Do ALL of your laundry]
      >Do I really have to give any other explanation for this? Just take the time to accomplish this task so that way all your clothes are in one spot and you can assess them together.
 [Step 2- Turn the hangers facing backwards/“the wrong way”]

     > I would imagine that this is rather odd from most people, but that’s what makes this method effective. This also proves why the first step is so important. You need to be able to start this change as a collective group rather than trying to time when you wear things because they weren’t all together at the start.
 [Step 3- Wear your clothes]

     > Set unused hangers off to the side- Having the visual of the hangers being backwards is definitely the core of why The Danyzells Hanger Method works. When you wear your clothes take the now empty hangers and hang them “the right way” off to the side. This moves them out of the way and makes putting clothes away a breeze (no more searching for those empty ones).
 [Step 4- Hang them back up “the right way”]

      >The cool part about this is the visual that it creates. All of the clothes you haven’t worn are turned backwards and the ones you have are right way round. When you look at your closet now you can determine if you want to wear something over again or try something new.
 [Step 5- Clean out your closet]

     > Continue this process for 1-3 months- Even after you wash most of your clothes continue keeping the one’s you’ve worn within this time span front ways and the others backwards. This will give you the visual of what you haven’t worn for awhile.
     > Evaluate the clothes turned backwards- After this process if you still have some items turned around then you need to think about why they are this way and what you are going to do about it. Ultimately, it is your choice whether you need to get rid of them.
         Reasons why items could still be turned backwards
          1) You just never wear that item. This is probably the most common and means you really should just donate it or get rid of it.
          2) You never had an occasion to wear it. I would say that this would be true for something like a dressy gown or silky dress—it helps to think to yourself: should I have worn this at some point?
          3) It is a seasonal item. During the summer you wouldn’t really need to wear those warm sweaters, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t wear them in the winter.

And it was seriously that easy! I hope this little trick can really help you all jump start your next year. Let me know in the comment section below how your backwards hanger journey works out.

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