My capsule wardrobe

My capsule wardrobe

I've been going through a wardrobe crisis lately. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but in all honesty, I just haven't been happy with the clothes I own. If you know me at all (or follow me on Instagram) you'll see that I basically wear the same thing all the time--denim jacket, white t-shirt, black pants--or some form of that same outfit. I wanted to spice things up a little, but still stay true to who I am, aka a Basic B*tc#!

Meet Danielle | Blogger Series

Meet Danielle | Blogger Series

I really love meeting bloggers who are trying to do something different or make a change. Today I'm talking with Danielle--she wants to make fashion affordable. I love all of her outfit posts on her blog, and the best part is that I feel like I can totally go out and purchase the same things. Fashion bloggers often forget that we don't all have a fashion budget, so I love Danielle's take on this!

Recent Obsessions

Copied from my old blog:

Hello again.

There's always something that I have got to be loving, want to bad in my life, or can't stop using! These are the things that have been keeping all of my attention this past month or so--and I'll admit, I'm pretty obsessed.

Current Obsession

My Converse. I got these shoes kind of on a whim when I saw another stylish college girl rocking the edgy look. Thankfully I did because I haven't stopped wearing them. I pair my converse with black skinnys, regular skinnys, or even leggings.

Body Butter. I bought some cheap body cream from CVS a while ago and love spreading on my arms and legs after I hop out of the shower. It is so moisturizing and especially soothing after shaved legs.

My new iPhone 6. You cannot even believe how extactic I was when I found out that I was ready for an upgrade at the time of the iPhone 6 launch. I rushed over to the nearest AT&T store to pick mine up. It truly is an upgrade from my terrible worn in iPhone 5.

My watch. I think I've mentioned my watch before in another favorites post, but I can't help it--I keep bringing it up. I love the way it looks on my arm all big and chunky! And because it's silver AND gold, I can wear it everyday, all the time, with every outfit.

White nail polish. Truthfully, I've always been a black nails girl. I thought that was the only way to look edgy and match whatever outfit you pulled on. But for Halloween I was a skeleton, so I decided to try something new and go white. Boy do it love it! I think this might be my new color, what do you think?

VS Pink Sweater. Now, I actually don't own this item, but I decided to include it anyway because I have been on the hunt nonstop. I saw one at my local mall the other day; however, by the time I was able to get back in there to purchase one they were all sold out! I have literally been obsessing over this sweater.

What have you been thinking about, doing, or loving nonstop? I want to know your current obsession! Let me know in the comment section below.

Fashion in the Office

Copied from my old blog:

Hello again!

As I prepare for an internship I find myself preparing my closet as well. Is this a girl thing? Either way, i am definitely enjoying taking the time to spruce up my wardrobe and give it some much needed grown up additions.

Whenever I need help with outfits and fashion pieces I always look to Pinterest. I have an amazing board called Fashion in the Office that I have been pinning to for the last couple months. These outfits have given me inspiration when I am out and about shopping at Charlotte Russe, H&M, Express, etc.

I am truly excited for this new intenship possibility! And I am just as excited to dress the part, get myself all put together, and become a successful woman in the technology field.

These above two images are probably my favorite outfits that I have found on pinterest. I love both of their basic style--totally me! The outfit on left is amazing because of the neutral toned long blazer. I think that this blazer is the kind that's very hard to find; but, when you do, it's absolutely stunning and totally flattering. The second image on the right just really showcases my style when it comes to sweater weather. I love the mustard color for the fall time, and I definitely could see myself pulling together an outfit like this in the morning before a long day at work.

Follow Danyell Bailey's board Fashion in the Office on Pinterest.

Comment below and let me know what you would/do wear to the office! I'd love to hear about you style.

#DanyellsDownload- the Closet+ app [As Seen On: The New Blak]

Copied from my old blog:

Hey guys!

I've been missing you.

Here's another post I wrote over on The New Blak blog. Feel free to read and go check them out.

I have a wonderful rest of your lovely day. MUAH!

Welcome back to another installment of #DanyellsDownload where I talk about the cool techy things that you need to make your life more healthy, beautiful, and all around great. If you need a refresher on what these posts are about then click here.

If you missed last months post about The Hunt app then you're really missing out. Take a moment and go read it now >>>

Today I am going to be discussing the third app in my 'must have' series, and this one's all about FASHION! If you've been an attentive reader for awhile at The New Blak you will have noticed that us girls realllllyyyy love our fashion. Why not make picking the best super cute outfit just a little more easy... and this app can help.

Closet+ is an amazing app that stores your entire closet online. Take a moment and enter in some clothes, add some super helpful images, and then plan plan plan. I love that you can schedule out your outfits for an entire month if you wanted to! This app is definitely handy.

This app is a perfect companion for someone who is planning to travel as well. Log a suitcase full of your clothes into the app and never have to wonder what you'll wear during your week of vaca again. Closet+ also lets you add different closets like one for summer, fall, and winter--that way you never need to keep your sweaters with your tanks, but at any time you can still know exactly what you have in your plethora of amazing articles.

I can think of a million more reasons why everyone needs this app. Its packed full of so many amazing features that you will always be reaching to open the app on your phone before you even open your closet doors. To read more please check out their site!

Thanks for reading! And tune in next month to hear more from me.
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