Workout Wish List

Copied from my old blog:

Hello again critters!

Getting into the workout grind can be a bit tough, but I find my inspiration by looking up some cute clothes I'd rock while running or doing something at the gym. For me, I am not going to buy workout clothes until I know I am committed to adding the gym into my normal routine. After a couple of weeks or so, I feel confident that I can keep running constantly--and then, I know that my cute workout clothes will come in handy. Only then can I splurge on the things I've had my eye on from the beginning.

I need to get that toned body back that I used to have while doing sports back in high school. Losing weight isn't an incentive for me because I don't find my weight to be the issue. I want to look and feel comfortable and sexy in a crop top and bathing suit; therefore, basic cardio and some ab work is all I need.

To get myself inspired, I've collected some online items I am dying to have that will look great as I work out (when I am positive I can do it consistently).

Workout Shopping ListClick below to see each items details.