what is memory keeping

Memory keeping is any thing you do to document your current or past memories for you or someone else to review and reflect on later. This can be in the form of images, journaling, video, or anything else that evokes the recall of moments in our life. We live in a time when memory keeping is easier than ever. We can share the stories of our lives in ways previous generations never could. Social media, video creation, scrapbooking, journaling—these are all forms of memory keeping. Since most of us carry around these amazing devices in our pockets called smart phones we can capture stories and mini moments in an instant.

The more we grow, the more we begin to realize that our own memory is not reliable. As you encounter millions of meaningful stories in your lifetime you start noticing that not everything stays behind for you to remember, but every moment is important and deserves a time to shine. Our stories matters, so I focus on capturing all moments big and small, significant and seemingly not, because these are the moments that make up our life’s story.

Project: Family Yearbook

This is a scrapbooking (or in my case, smashbooking) project in which I document the events of a year so that I can view these memories like a yearbook of my family. It’s a special project of mine that I would love to share with all of you!

It starts with journaling

Journaling is the most simple and easiest form of memory keeping. It’s a great way to start documenting your story, and it’s a method I still use on a regular basis to jot down important bits that I want to be sure to fully embellish on later.

Video creation

Video is one of the best current formats for keeping memories. Video can do what no other platform can—capture movement, audio, and visuals that literally take you back to the time in which the story was originally being told through that moment.


Watch the vlogs

Tune in three times a week to watch my husband and I do normal life stuff. We use vlogging as a means of memory keeping to document our lives and share it with you all.