hello danyell

Hi, my name is danyell.

And I’m a chronic over-sharer. I like to put my life on the internet, in journals, on social media, in people’s memories. Memory keeping is a passion of mine—I would even go as far as to call myself an expert.

I have a YouTube channel where my husband and I share vlog style videos documenting our days, current events, and anything related to our lives at the moment. Together we run Lang Videography, a story telling business focused on capturing events through video. I also run an Etsy shop called Digidanico which focuses on digital products and clip art specifically designed for those who want to go paperless with digital scrapbooking and planning.

I'm creative and, according to my sisters, a little weird. I like being silly, laughing, and smiling. I enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures. I love teaching, organizing, reading, and learning. When asked to describe myself in three words I say hard-working, fun loving, and self motivated!

In my spare time I enjoy reading, going to the movies, and laughing at whatever makes me smile. I live with my husband, Trevor, and our fur-babies, Grizzle (cat) and Skye (Husky), in northern Indiana.

Some of my Favorite Posts

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