The New Blak Blog

Copied from my old blog:

Hello again critters, long time no see!

Working is all I've been doing lately, but I decided to stop in and tell you about something very exciting. A blog that I have been creating for a month or so now is finally live. The New Blak is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog devoted to making girls look good, feel good, and be good.

I didn't do the whole project on my own--this blog is a collaboration project with 4 other girls (Amanda, Bree, Diane, and Kaitlin). These girls are some of my closest friends, and I love working with them!

Creating the website for The New Blak was one of my biggest projects so far!! I am so happy that I did it, because I learned so much (and am still learning) as I take in this new experience. TNB is totally different from my own personal blog--it takes a lot of patience and collaboration to make any sort of decision when you're working with an entire team. When I want to change the header of my personal blog, I just do it; however, everything done on TNB needs to be talked about, discussed, and thought through thoroughly.

I really enjoyed the different experience, and can't wait to start contributing even more.

On TNB I will be doing a "Street Style" post every Friday and Sunday! Also, my official hashtag for the blog is #DanyellsDownload--on the first of every month I'll talk about all things techy that every girl needs to be beautiful, fit, and sassy!

Big changes are really happening in my life, and I am trying to keep you all up to date. Sorry for not being here--but, don't worry, I still love you!!