An open letter to my desk

Copied from my old blog:

Dear Desk,

Thank you for holding all of my stuff--I really and truly appreciate what you do. However, why does all this junk accumulate so quickly? I know you're here for a reason, but why can't you just keep my stuff organized for once.

It's a stressful job, and I know Sky and I have to take some of the blame. We keep setting things on you that don't belong and horde everything that should be thrown away. But sometimes I feel like you just aren't even trying to work with me. I try to get you plastic organizers, but you just don't get along well with them. I put a trash can right next to you so the clutter doesn't pile up, and you ignore it like it's not even there. None of my efforts work, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

There are some lessons you need to learn, but I guess I'm just going to have to work with you. You need to learn how to put the dishes away--sorry, but they just don't belong on the desk top. Your next lesson is going to be how to organize cords because you just seem to throw everything around. Finally, some day I'll teach you how to close down the computer, turn off my second monitor, lock my iPad screen, put my camera back in it's case, and keep my phone charged all the time.

Teaching you all these skills is going to be a fun journey, so please stick with me. I do really love you (I couldn't do my work without you here). I know we can coexist well together, but you just need to try. Maybe I'll even try to reacquaint you with the plastic organizers again, I promise you both can be friends.

Talk to you again soon,