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Good day critters!

I am super pumped to show you all my new filming room. I have a dorm room this year that I plan on using almost exclusively for filming and blogging, and then all of my normal everyday living will be with SkyCzar in his house. Remember, the filming room is still a work in progress and so some things that I mention today may change.
As soon as you walk into the room you will see my awesomely pink bed :) I don't plan on really ever sleeping here so eventually I want to get some more pillows and a couple body pillows to lay out and make the bed into something more like a couch. I also have a lamp near by that will be displayed in the background of almost all of my videos. I like it because it is cute and functional. On the wall, I am attempting to make an awesome backdrop! Right now I only have a few posters, but I am really wanting the help of all of you in making the background look spectacular. If you want to send me something for me to hang up let me know in the comment section below.
This is with me standing at the door.

In the room, I also have a bookshelf that will someday house more books, movies, and other odds and ends. I have a microwave for delicious snacks that sits on top of another set of cabinets that was generously provided for me by the dormitory staff (or whoever it is that decides what furniture we receive). On the window sill I have put some potted plants. I really hope to get more that I can put all around the room because I love plants, and they really help the room look more spacious, decorative, and alive. Along the furthest wall is my wardrobe that is currently not holding anything because I don't actually live and change and whatnot at the dorm.

The main part of the room for me is my desk. Since I am using this space as a filming/blogging/office area, the desk is very important. I have a calendar hanging that is specifically used for blogging purposes, my filofax and other planning utensils, my laptop and mouse, a mirror for make-up tutorial videos, the new tripod I just got for my camera, and [currently only one] lamp. The desk, as well as, the chair, were provided already in the room when I moved in, and they are both very nice and in good condition. I am so happy because everything in this room is starting to seem perfect!

Thank you all so much for all of the support that I have been receiving all summer even with the moving and schedule changing. This room is definitely going to be a start to a better, more successful blog and I am super excited... so, get excited too!
As always, don't forget to comment with any suggestions, feedback, or basically anything you want to say below.

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