Our New Apartment: The closet!

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Good day critters!
Today I have the first detailed installment of Sky and I's new apartment. We will be taking a closer look at our wonderful walk-in closet.

This closet is definitely an upgrade from our previous space! With plenty of space for both, SkyCzar and I's, clothing, as well as, shoes, storage, and a large dresser. The closet is located right inside our bathroom. It came equipped with all of the shelving you can see, along with the larger dark dresser located to the left of the entry way. When moving in, the closet took me the longest amount of time to get organized and all put away {that's probably because I have SO much clothes, haha}.

The dresser is the place where Sky and I keep all of our undergarments and work out clothes. I also keep my plain and simple tanks in a drawer as well. Most of our things are folded normally, however, you can see in the image above that I fold my tanks and line them up so the fold is facing up. This makes it easy for me to see each and every color and grab the one in need without unfolding all of the others. I did this type of folding with Sky's work out shorts as well, simply because he had so many, and it was a better way to fit everything in to a tiny space. For a video of how I fold this way, please put your requests in the comment section below.

On top of our dresser is where Sky and I store some little accessories. I really like hats, so they all get displayed on top of the dresser in order for me to easily grab and go when I think that I want to where one. On the left side of the dresser I have a box full of jewelry. The more that I get the more I realize that I need an actual way to organize my things rather than just throwing them into one box, but for now it works okay. Sky also keeps some of his little accessories on top of the dresser. Further to the left you can see some extra hangers hanging from the shelf. When Sky and I take clothes we always remove the empty hanger from the rest, so that way when we need one to hang clean clothes we can easily reach over there rather than digging through all of our clothes hanging up. It's a new concept for Sky because he is used to just pulling the clothes off and going, but slowly I am "training" him to remove the hangers that are not being used. The hardest part about the top of the dresser is not making it a catch all area. We try to have a place for everything, so then we are less likely to just throw things on top of the dresser as clutter.

Above the dresser, we have a shelving area that we have devoted toward storage. It is out of the way and not visible when you look straight in to the closet (since trash bags are such an ugly storage method. some day when I have money, things will look nicer.).  In the large duffel bag we keep extra sheets, another blanket or two, and a heating blanket for the winter. In the trash bags I have thrown my winter clothing that I know that I will definitely not be wearing this time of the year. There's no folding or any sort of organization in the bags, things are literally just thrown in there. It's not the best system but it works for the time being. When things come out of the bags they will most likely need washed or fluffed up again.

In the hanging clothes section, I have a side and Sky has a side. His clothes were originally organized by type (like T-shirt or dress shirt), and then by color. However, as he wears his clothes and puts them back, he makes his own form of organization, and I don't touch it, it's his space. On my side, I like to keep all my clothes organized and color coded at all times. I really helps me find the exact article of clothing that I want to wear with the certain outfit I am trying to make. When I need a pink shirt, then I just go to the pink section, and there is no hunting or searching involved. As well as making things easier to find, it also makes the closet look that much nicer--when someone walks into our closet the colors look interesting a neat.

Below and above our hanging clothing is where we keep things like our jeans and other pants that can get folded nice without wrinkling and our shoes. I organize our pants by the type of pant that they are. For example, Sky and I both have a stack for our jeans, dressier pants, and sweatpants. All of Sky's shorts are also placed in to a pile; however, I stored mine away in a drawer because I have so many. The shoes are kept in a laundry basket down below. I absolutely hate this method of organization and am currently looking for a new way to store our shoes. I have a lot, so simple lining them up along the floor is not an option. The reason that I hate this way so much is because when looking for a specific shoes, or even looking for a pair to another shoe that I already found, you literally have to dig through the basket to find them. Quite frequently, I find myself jus dumping the entire basket on to the floor. Dumping not only means a big shoes mess for me to put back away, but also, the basket collects all of the dirt and whatnot from every single shoes that we throw in there--that means that, when I dump the basket all of that nastiness goes all over our floor. Now, not only do I have to pick up the shoes, but lug out the sweeper and get rid of all the dirt I just dumped. GAH! Anyways, that's what we are doing at the moment, but as you can tell, the shoe basket is not working. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comment section below!

Well, that's its for our new walk-in closet. We are only in this apartment for a short period of time, but I am enjoying every space we have while we are here. I hope you enjoyed the closer look into a specific section of our new home. Stay tuned for more. And remember, leave a comment below if you would like me to do a how-to video on my tank folding method, and some comments for suggestions on how to better organize our multitude of shoes. I greatly appreciate all that you critters have to say!
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I love you all! Peace OUT