Our New Apartment: my desk!

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Good afternoon critters!
As promised, I have another installment  for our new apartment blogging edition! If you missed my Quick Tour or detailed Closet posts then you can go check them out before or after. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at my desk set up and organization from this new apartment. All the products shown in the photos below were purchased by me and not donated by any companies. All opinions are mine own, as well.

For the time being, my desk is a small simple one. Hopefully, someday, Sky and I can have the money and stability to purchase something a lot nicer for me to work at and keep all my files. At the moment, the desk I am using is an old family hand-me-down from SkyCzar's family. In the bottom cubby of the desk, I house some school binders or notebooks and any extra supplies I might need to reach down and grab. Since I have a laptop instead of a desktop to utilize the keyboard tray, I just keep papers and my planner in that space. On top of the desk is where I set my Macbook with Razer mouse, a desk lamp with built in organizing slots, and a wipe of calendar for all the things Sky and I need to keep track of at a glance. Left and right of the desk, on the floor, I keep a trash can and a surge protector for all of my cords. To add a little decoration, I used sticky tac to hang up some pictures that I like to look at.

The binders, papers, notebooks, folders, and such that are located in the bottom cubby of the desk is where you would normally put your computer stack if you did not have a laptop. Since I do not need to use my desk in this way, I lined up some of the things I listed earlier for easy grab. Standing them up like in a bookshelf allows me to fit a lot more items of different sizes into that space. Some of these binders I am not currently using on a day to day basis; however, I like to keep them out for looks and accessibility when the time comes. A lot of the folders and notebooks are just empty for me to use when school starts up again, or for when I find a new something to write down that needs it's very own special spot.

The middle portion of the desk is where you would keep a keyboard, but I have a laptop with the keyboard attached. I like putting my papers and planner here because, when I am online or doing something on the computer I can just pull out this section and write with my computer still up and open.  The planner that I am using {and will probably use for like the rest of my life} is a Filofax. Mine is an A5 Classic in black. If you would like to see a full review or a blog post of how I use my filofax, please leave your requests in the comment section below. To the left of my planner is a notebook that I use for Sky and I's budgeting. Budgeting is a new thing for us since we are just now starting to get bigger bills and have more of a need to understand where every dollar is going. The method that we are using is constantly changing, and we definitely need to work out some kinks. When everything is smooth and running well, I will definitely do a post on how we manage our money. I like this section of my desk because it is the place where I set everything that I need on a daily basis. I can easily slide out the drawer and there it is!

The computer that I have sitting on top of my desk is my Macbook Pro. I got is when I started college, and I am so thankful that I did. I love how it corresponds with my iPhone and makes everything so simple and portable at the same time. I have a pink case on my laptop that I got as a gift for Christmas. And to make the computer more personal, I have been decorating it with stickers of all kinds. The mouse that I am using is the newest Razer Naga. I got this mouse for gaming; however, I do keep it attached at all times every day. It is a great mouse, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high performance gaming mouse. The top of this desk is very small, but it works for what I need it to right now.

To the right of my computer, and almost directly above my mouse, is wonderful desk lamp that I purchased at Walmart. It holds all of my pens, pencils, sticky notes, and every other office supply that I need to grab from day to day. The neck of the lamp is flexible and allows me to face the light in almost any direction. If I am remembering correctly, it was only about five dollars, and with that being said, probably one of the best purchases for my desk area.

And finally, sprawled all the way across the top of my desk in a standing/leaning position is my wipe off calendar. Sky and I write down everything that we think eachother will need to know throughout the month. We have our very own color coding system, as well as, using shapes to mark off specific days of the month for bills, paydays, and such. Some day, when we are no longer renting, I will be able to actually hang it on the wall in a nice and easy place for both of us to look at. Having my personal planner is nice, but something Sky needs to see what I am doing and I need to see what he is up to, so this method of keep both of my organizers up to date really helps us work as a team to make sure we are on time to most things. I don't know what we would do without our calendars.

On the left and right of my desk I keep a small and inexpensive trash can for everything that needs thrown away from my desk chair, as well as, a surge protector to the right in order to keep all of my electronics safe.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my desk space and maybe learned a little about how you want to set up your areas. Remember to always leave any comments and suggestions in the area provided below.
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