Create a Daily Planner [Time Management Series]

Copied from my old blog:

Welcome to the first installment of my Time Management Series. I started this series on my blog as a way for me to share what I have learned while organizing my life all the time while at college. I've had some ups and downs during the process of getting my life back together, but this time as I'm on the up swing, I wanted to share my journey with you!

Creating a Daily Planner

Some time last year I wrote a very successful post about how I use my filofax to stay organized, and shortly after that post I fell out of love with my organizational system that I was using. I haven't been able to find my niche again until just recently.

Creating a daily planner that you love looking at every day can be a real task. You want it to be malleable from day to day, fun and entertaining to look at, and easy to use. Currently, I use my outlook calendar and tasks!

My new job requires that I have an outlook exchange account to handle all of my emails and scheduling. Moving all of my information on the online calendar I realized that this was an amazing tool that I could use at anytime and anywhere. That's why this daily planner works so well for me--I can have it anywhere!

Some other daily planners are available online like google calendar, yahoo calendar, etc. I also used to love using printable calendars that I would pop into my binders and physically write what I needed to do each day. This one here is one of my favs.

I'd love to answer any questions that you guys have for me about how I management my time with a daily planner. Let me know in the comment section below!