Christmas List 2014

Copied from my old blog:

Happy Holidays all!

The purpose of this post is mainly meant for my family and really close friends.

I figured that giving a detailed explanation with pictures, websites, and more all attached in one spot would be way easier than writing a list on paper, and then expecting my family to find the stuff that I am talking about. So, for the past couple days I have been compiling images, links and all the deets that I need onto in a folder on my desktop just for this list! I really hope this makes it easier on all of my family and friends.

FYI: This list is in no particular order!

2014 Christmas List

Computer Monitor
Best Buy is a great place to get some monitors. I'll be building a computer this coming January-ish and could really use some help on purchasing the parts. A nice monitor would be wonderful! I want something big with high resolution.

Plain Tees
You can seriously never have enough plain tees. No matter the color--white, black, grey, purple...--I always feel like I need more. Some of my fav one's are from target! This gift idea is super cheap and totally practical.

Dainty Silver Necklaces
Now that I'm a hard working woman I need some cute and little jewelry to wear at the office. Silver is totally my color and I love this one from Kay Jewelers!! Any dainty pieces will do though--rings, necklaces, bracelets, the more the merrier.

A Desk Chair
Skylar got a new office chair, and I'm starting to get a little jealous. With my major and career choices putting me in front of a computer almost all the time that I'm home, something that would nicely support my back is a must!!

Gift cards
For real! Gift cards are one of the best gifts. I've been really into Starbucks lately and a gift card could help me get those stars on my gold card. I also need clothes from The Limited to wear during my internship... or even a Charlotte Russe gift card would do just fine.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma
The ultimate keyboard!! When this keyboard came out a couple months ago I new I wanted it. When I build my computer I'll need all new peripherals. Since I already have headphones and a mouse, this suped-up keyboard would just perfectly complete my Razer set!!

Well, that's all guys! Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below or even shoot me an email (and family: give me a call). I really hope that this will aid in the gift giving process, and I would love to hear what is on all of your guys' lists.