How to turn any room into a productive office [As Seen On: WeAreIU]

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Now that we're all off on our own getting ourselves up and in action is sometimes hard to do alone. These next couple steps can hopefully get you back in the grove of being productive without your parents nagging over your shoulder. Whether you are in an apartment or stuck at the dorms, these steps can really help anyone get their rear in gear... just in time for finals!

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Define your work space

It can be really hard not to just work in your PJs while lounging in bed 24/7. I know I was on the struggle bus my freshman year especially! Defining your workspace just means treating your desk as an office. Even though no one is holding your accountable try setting time frames in which you must be "at work." This helps me make sure I get the proper studying done every day. And if you become an expert at that, bump it up a notch, try defining how you LOOK at your workspace--this will prepare you mentally for a day in the office.

Hang shelves/utilize them wisely

Getting things off your desk means clutter cannot distract you! Everything needs a home in your new defined workspace so hang shelves, utilize plastic organizers, and put everything where it goes. I've hear of people using shoe racks to hold their printers and papers proving you can't be too creative when it comes to organization.

Create a mood board

This means creating a real life Pinterest board--fill your wall by your desk with pictures of things you like, stuff that inspires you, or motivational quotes. Whatever gets you excited to work and pumped to use your desk is best!

Avoid distractions

Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Email! All of these things can jump in the way of you getting an important project done. What I like to do in order to avoid being distracted by these spiraling time wasters is set a time limit/routine and stick to it. For example, if I know a project is going to take two hours I start by spending 5 minutes checking those distractions and making myself at ease (and not feeling like I need to be on them while I work). Then every half hour I check them again for another 5 minutes. Having a set timer is a perfect way to make sure your actual work still gets done without shutting out all social media!