Blogmas Day 18 - A new hairstyle!

Welcome to Blogmas, a journal of images and collection of thoughts starting the first of December until Christmas! You can expect a new post every morning of what I accomplished the day before. I am hoping that these posts can be a nice way for me to document this holiday away from family via pictures and little videos.

It's been almost 3 years since I've done anything with my hair. Basically all I've been doing it getting it trimmed, rarely every applying heat, and always letting it air dry. It's been awhile since I made a decision to do something different, but I woke up this morning and finally decided to do the bayalage that I've been looking at for awhile.

I made an appointment for 12:30 and drove all the way to Olathe to get it done. When I got there around 12:20, literally right as I was pulling in, I got a call from the salon saying the stylist I had an appointment with was running very behind on her earlier client. I was pushed back to 1:45 (and got a 20% off discount).

When it was finally my turn I was really pumped and nervous. My stylist worked really hard and did a great job, but sadly she didn't have time to finish before she had to go to her other job. I felt bad that she had to rush around like that, so I agreed to come back on Wednesday to finish everything up. She's going to do another round of toner to get rid of a little more yellow, and she's also going to give me a trim with a little more shape. I already paid for everything today, so when I come in on Wednesday I can just wrap everything up.

Even though it's not finished I really already like it. As soon as I came home I instantly flipped it around and started playing with it. I like that it fades from my natural color to blonde. My favorite part is that I'm not going to have to worry about getting it touched up so much because it can grow out naturally and blend together.

I can't wait to see what the final touches do to make me love my new hair even more. I'm excited to go home and show this new do off to my family and feel like 100 bucks.