Blogmas Day 9 - Beer at work

Welcome to Blogmas, a journal of images and collection of thoughts starting the first of December until Christmas! You can expect a new post every morning of what I accomplished the day before. I am hoping that these posts can be a nice way for me to document this holiday away from family via pictures and little videos.

Happy Friday!! Today at work they were having a blood drive. Trevor decided to give for the first time, and I am too chicken of needles to do it. I understand that it is for a good cause, but I need to get over my fear of needles before then.

Also at work, we had a Live Connect event. Basically this means that we talk about some of the progress of the company, our goals, etc. But mostly, everyone just cares because we get out of work an hour early, and they give us all free beer. At Cerner, they really focus on connecting with one another and networking with everyone, so this event is an opportunity for that too.

And then after work, Trevor and I made the drive to visit his parents and family back at his hometown. It isn't too far of a drive, so we got back in time for some pizza and good conversations.