Blogmas Day 7 - Movie night

Welcome to Blogmas, a journal of images and collection of thoughts starting the first of December until Christmas! You can expect a new post every morning of what I accomplished the day before. I am hoping that these posts can be a nice way for me to document this holiday away from family via pictures and little videos.

Wednesday's are good days. It's hump day, and it always starts to feel like the weekend is getting closer. It's the nice sigh of relief in the middle of the week that we all need.

Today at work it snowed for the first time this year! It was only a little flurry, and not much of it stuck, but it really made everything icy. It was beautiful to look at; however, I don't do too well in the cold, so I wasn't really happy when I went outside in it.

After work, Trevor and I decided to have a movie night. Our ottoman was great and comfy because we just pushed it up against the corner of the couch and enjoyed the living room as if it had a bed in it. It was a great movie, and I only had to wake Trevor up a few times, haha. I fell asleep on the couch after the movie--Trevor dragged me to bed after midnight (which I don't really remember).

A good morning at work, a nice snow flurry, a great lunch, a new speed record in Sudoku, a movie, and falling asleep on the couch. Whew, it was a good day!!