Blogmas Day 4 - Shopping weekend (Part 2)

Welcome to Blogmas, a journal of images and collection of thoughts starting the first of December until Christmas! You can expect a new post every morning of what I accomplished the day before. I am hoping that these posts can be a nice way for me to document this holiday away from family via pictures and little videos.

This was the final day of shopping. Some of us woke up a bit hungover, but the shopping never stops!! We spent this day at the Legends Outdoor Outlet mall. Trevor and I had to head back to the apartment to get a change of clothes and shower, but then we met the family around noon at Jose Peppers.

After eating, we shopped a little bit (but I had already completed most of my shopping). I wound up getting a little gift for myself because Coach was having a 50% off sale, and you just can't pass that up!!!

We went to Cabela's, and we also made a trip to Nebraska Furniture. Trevor and I have been wanting a leather ottoman for our living room--and, we found one!! It looks great in the living room and is really comfy to put our feet up on or push against the couch and lay on like a bed. It was a perfect find.

We had to say goodbye to his family after that. They had a couple hours to drive back home, and they needed to be on their way! We will see them next weekend, but it's still sad to say goodbye to family. But boy, it was just a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for next year!!