Another weekly update

Isn't it funny that this is the end-game that we all strive to achieve-- we want to move out, find our life partner, get the job, and then life will go on perfect and happy. And then when this does happen you're left wondering what is left to do. I am VERY happy with the way that everything is unfolding for Skylar and I here in Kansas City. It's just strange to look back and realize that we've hit this big milestone that I've been striving to achieve for so long.

Working a full-time job is an interesting thing. You spend EIGHT hours of your day in the same spot accomplishing similar tasks 5 out of 7 days of the week. It's kind of crazy if you think about it. Why is humanity set up this way? Do we all have jobs just to have something to suck up time in our day because we wouldn't know what else to do if our 9 to 5 wasn't filled with silly repetitive tasks.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit! I am the type of person that thrives off of a routine, and when that routine changes or gets thrown in a different direction it takes me a LONG time to get back to feeling normal again. So, to me, a job is exactly that perfect part of my routine that I have always been trying to establish. But on the other hand, there are people out in the world that are nothing like me--it seems like a job would really suck for them. Why do we do things the way that we do?

Should I start thinking of my job as something more than a way to spend my time for a few hours every day? I don't think that my outlook on the current career is a negative one. I enjoy what I do and how I waste my 9 hours... but, is this not a healthy way of thinking?

These have been my thoughts lately! What is your input? For those of you who have worked full-time jobs for awhile now, did you ever have similar thoughts? 

My weeks are seeming to become harder and harder to capture through a lense. Skylar and I have no intention of stopping our weekly vlogs, but like I said, I waste 9 hours (or more) of my day at work. It seems like I just don't have that much more interesting stuff to show. We are working on it though!! Sky and I have fun things in mind and excursions that we want to finally execute. But, in the meantime, do you have any suggestions as to what we should vlog next?

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