August 2016 Goals

It's been awhile since I've done a goals post. Actually, my last goals post was wayyyy back in March. Ever since then, my goals have mostly just been to find a job, graduate college, survive a move across 3 states, and pretend I know what I'm doing as an adult. I feel like I've done pretty good so far! So, now I'm ready to keep a focused mind and start setting monthly goals again.

What you might have missed last month:

This is normally where I link to previous blog posts, but if you scroll down my blog feed you will see that life has been a little minimal here in the blogosphere. Establishing new routines can be difficult, and so, I've been focusing on just making my life work and finding new habits that make me happy. My job is great, I've been working out more than ever, and things are going good for me. Because I feel comfortable now, I want to start blogging regularly again.

I went out and bought a planner and a journal, and I am looking forward to scheduling posts and making commitments on my blog that I can keep. Every time I try to start something new I always focus my mind on a few important goals. That's what this post is all about.

August Goals

This month is going to be all about keeping up with my current and new routines, as well as, challenging myself to do things that I might have never done before. I can't wait to be blogging again and want this website here to be one of my main focuses for the rest of this month.

+ start blogging regularly again

+ create a vlogging schedule with Sky

+ journal every night.

+ give up soda.

+ workout at least 3x per week.

+ join a workout group/class at work.

+ rock more lipstick.

+ make a wardrobe catalog.

+ get below 140 lbs.

+ eat vegan for a week.

Want a look at my yearly goals for 2016--check them out here! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?