I've thought, and sulked, and immensely pondered about how I'm going to go about this post. Do I explain everything that all of you internet friends have missed? Do I share every aspect of my life in the last few months? Every time I give you an update I almost always say that "so much has changed." This time I'm just going to say that everything you thought you knew about me is now completely different.

This makes me wonder what's necessary to share on the internet. This blog has always been MY space to say what I want, do what I want, and not give a shit about what others might think. But, sadly, I still feel like I need your approval--I want your respect--I want to make sure that all of my readers are happy with the content that I post here. Lately, I haven't been present, and I don't know whether that bothers me or not. I want to make you happy, but me being happy always has to come first.

I think that the older I get the more content I am with just being me. I say I don't care, but every year I mean it more than I meant it before. Now, don't get me wrong--I care, but I don't at the same time. I want to do me!!

So, about this blog. Well, I think I'm back. I want to be back. I want to share things about my daily life and tell you things that my sometimes silly mind comes up with.

I still have lots of questions about what I'm doing though--when do I tell you about my new boyfriend? Do I leave up my posts from my past? When do I share what you might have missed? Or do I let everything flow together naturally?

I think that I'm choosing to continue on like nothing changed. Addressing the past can be hard, and I'm at a stable and VERY happy moment in my life--and recapping on the past isn't exactly what I want to do. This blog is a journey for me. I love documenting everything about what's going on. But, when I am at a happy place like I am now, why would I want to talk about things that make me sad or upset or bring me down?

My number one goal ALWAYS has been to laugh, smile, and love harder that I think is possible. That's what this blog is about. And I'm back to do just that.

Okay, enough now. Here comes tons of posts with lots of pictures of times in the last couple months that made me super happy!!!

Love you all!!