Wow, it's been awhile

Hello my lovely blog readers! I have left you in the dust for awhile--and I guess that's what happens when your life throws new routines at you left and right. But finally, and I hopefully mean finally, I have established a good daily plan and positive mental state to take on blogging again while working a full time job. So it looks like we have lots of catching up to do!

The vlog.

Sky and I took a week off, but we are filming again for our weekly vlog. We have gotten a few remarks about how people missed these weekly videos, and we really don't want to disappoint! Plus, we love making these recaps of our week because it fills our family and friends in on our Kansas City life AND is a fun way for us to document our daily activities (which is something that we think is really important).

Check out our latest video linked below!

My job.

I am officially done with my regular training course! I only have a few classes here and there in the next coming months, but for the most part, all of my learning from here on out is coming from on the job experience.

I don't think I've ever actually explained what my role is at Cerner before on my blog so I'll quickly lay it out here:

Cerner makes software (which they call "solutions") that assist hospitals in organizing most of their information in a digital manner! My role is to support these solutions. For example, if a hospital has Cerner software and something goes wrong with it, then they log a ticket or call us! Our First Response Team gets all of those tickets/calls and tries to solve the problem. However, if the issue is more complex or will take a longer time to resolve, they pass those tickets along to the next tier which is where I am!

My job is to investigate the problems that the hospital, doctor's office, etc. (called clients) are having and continue to communicate out on them via phone or email until the problem is resolved. I find it very rewarding to help the clients achieve something that has been a burden for awhile or has been not working properly for some time.

Also, at Cerner we are really big about having specialized teams that work on specific parts of Cerner solutions. I am on the Registration team which means that I take tickets that deal with patient management problems--things like: room and beds, checking in, insurance, etc.

So far, I am realizing that there is still a lot to learn!! But I love my team and think that with time I will really succeed at this job.

Our social life.

I have already made TONS of friends here at Kansas City. My training group is really close (probably closer than most) and we try to get together almost every weekend. I went on a double date, went out to bars and explored the Power & Light district, attended a really fun house party where we played board/drinking games, and even celebrated the Fourth of July with friends from work and their family members.

Skylar is really enjoying all of the social gatherings as well. My training group has taken him in as one of their own (and some might even say they like him more than me, hehe). So, all-in-all we are having a great time all of the time!!

And everything else.

So you wanna know more, huh? Well, our apartment is great and we've actually started making some messes in it (which means we are finally starting to feel like home in the space). We go to our favorite coffee shop at least twice a week. I've read 4 books in the last three weeks (book reviews hopefully coming soon). We found an awesome walking trail that we love to take the dogs on. I met with my personal trainer at Cerner and have made a commitment to work out at least 4 times a week.

Lately, I've learned to cheerish my evenings with Skylar after work, not because work is bad or overwhelming, but because I miss him more and more every day. Skylar is still on the hunt for a job (which he will probably talk about in the next vlog).

Thank you all for the support. Skylar and I appreciate everyone who is sticking by our side from states away. We love reading your comments and hearing from every single person who stops by, so don't forget to say hi down below. Until then, I'll blog again in a couple of days!!

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