A double date and other fun weekend stuff

Skylar and I are finally starting to settle in. I am finding some of my favorite spots to hang out, am feeling comfortable at work, and am making friends along the way. This past weekend we went on a double date with a friend of mine, who I met at work, and her husband. It was a really great time, and I love that we are starting to really feel like ourselves here in Kansas City.

Here's a little run-down of this past week:


Monday was a fun day for me at work mostly because I found out which team I was assigned to. I will be working with the SolutionWorkx Registration Team--which basically means that I will be supporting any part of the Cerner solution that deals with People/Patient management.


We didn't vlog much on Tuesday, and honestly I can't remember much of what we did. I must have been tired and Skylar must have kept himself busy with something, I'm sure.


This day and the next were really fun for me work-wise. I finally got to drive out to my actual place of work (Continuous Campus) and shadow a member of my team. This was the first time that I had actually seen what I would been doing in my job--before this I simply knew that I would be some sort of technical support, but didn't understand what that necessarily meant. To find out more details make sure you watch the video above.


Another day of job shadowing for me, which meant another fun day. I also got my gym membership all set up. Cerner offers free access to their gym facilities to all associates. I also have access to a personal trainer, workout classes, and the cool part is, all of this is for free! Cerner has really great benefits.


PAY DAY! This day meant a lot to Skylar and I because, if you've ever moved before you know that it can really be draining. We weren't struggling...yet...but it is nice knowing that I am fortunate to have such a wonderful job that I can be thankful for! 


This was our double date day, and it really was a blast. We started off the afternoon with a tasty lunch at a Mexican place, Dos De Ojos, that was recommended to Skylar by a gentleman at the YMCA. Then, we drove off to The Legends to watch Now You See Me 2 at a theater that had reclining seats!! After the movie we grabbed some ice-cream and headed home.

It was really fun to be social and hang out with some new people. And the best part is...they are WOW fans, too! We look forward to playing online with them. But, after the double date I was exhausted--I feel asleep at 5pm and didn't wake up until around 5:30am the following day!!


Since I had fallen asleep so early, I woke up super early on Sunday. Sky had fallen asleep pretty early the night before as well, so we got out of bed around 6:30am and started our day with a nice walk with the dogs on a trail not far from our apartment. Then we dropped the overly exhausted dogs off at home and went to our new favorite coffee shop, The Roasterie, for some coffee and morning reading.

Near the coffee shop we noticed that there was a place to rent out bikes. Sky and I were feeling super active, so we went on a 4 mile bike ride!! It was really nice. And we couldn't believe that after such a busy day it was only NOON?! We are definitely living for our weekends lately, and I really like that we are finding fun things to do in the area.

It's really fun finding new places in this large and expanding city. Skylar and I are starting to find some of our favorite hangouts like: The Roasterie, the closest Barnes & Nobel, luscious green parks, and the best grocery stores.

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