The move to Kansas City

Moving across states is tricky and challenging. There has been a lot of virtual planning, plenty of ups and downs, and tons of changes that have made Skylar and I really have to grow up. We didn't have internet for awhile, so I basically took a break from blogging and didn't stress about trying to keep things updated. But now I have lots to share.

Skylar and I want to apologize that we were unable to keep up with daily vlogs. We had planned to upload everything via coffee shops and what not during the times that we did not have internet--but internet wound up not being our biggest problem.

We had a lot of issues our first few days here in Kansas City. Make sure you watch out video linked above for full details. In short, we switched apartments, moved twice in 24 hours, and had tons of drama with our apartment agency,

I also started my job at Cerner last Monday. I have three weeks of training, so there isn't much to tell so far. This first week of training was not job specific and more or less we simply talked about what Cerner does as a company and what is expected of us as associates. I will have a full blog post coming soon!!

Thank you all for the support. Skylar and I appreciate everyone who is sticking by our side during this crazy time. We are starting to find some of our favorite spots in KC and are enjoying the new location. I'll blog again in a couple of days!!

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