May & June Recap

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You know how sometimes life just keeps going, and there’s so much on your to-do list that you want to do but don’t make time to do? Then often times we all just say, “well, oh well, guess that’s not happening!” We’ll I’m here to combat that—to do the things I want to do even if they’re a month or so late, but who cares!!! I set out to make these recap posts, and gosh darn it here we are doing just that (even if it’s a combination of two months haha).

Here’s a recap video of May that I posted on my Instagram stories:

Here’s a recap video of June that I posted on my Instagram stories:

May and June in one word:


Busy. If you can’t already tell due to the delay of this post, these last couple of months have been very busy. We did quite a bit of traveling, filmed tons of weddings, and have been so preoccupied with work like editing vlogs, wedding films, photos, etc.

It’s fun to look back on my April Review and see that I thought that that month was really lacking. I actually wasn’t accomplishing the things that I wanted to, and nothing seemed to be getting done. But now, these last few months have been so so busy that I wouldn’t even have the inkling to think about the word I used to describe April anymore.

Successes in the months of May and June

  1. I released my first ever ebook here on my blog. While I didn’t necessarily post as much as I wanted these last two months, I do feel like I really accomplished a lot since the ebook and “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging” blog post were just a major feat.


2. Trevor ran his first ever Indianapolis Mini Marathon. I ran with him, but I’ve ran this race once before. So it was really a big deal for Trevor. He had never run this far. Honestly, it was pretty miserable—the rain was coming down basically the entire race, we did not train one bit, and we wound up with sore muscles and bad blisters, but it was still an amazing experience. You can watch our vlog about it here.

3. I filmed and photographed my first every family session for Lang Videography. It was a fast paced 1 hour session filled with mosquitos, but we got it done. And I am sooooo in love with the way that the video and pictures turned out. You can review it all here. Also, if you want to check out our vlog for the day and see some behind the scenes stuff from me filming and photographing this gorgeous family, then check out our vlog here.

4. I filmed and edited the most weddings I have ever done in such a short amount of time. It was so rewarding to finally see my business take off. I was able to travel to the Kansas City areas to film a few, I booked a few more for back in Indiana, and things are just really ramping up. I am working hard to try to branch out and do more than just weddings for Lang Videography. But I am so proud of everything that I accomplished for my business in May and June.

difficulties that I encountered in May and June

One of the most disheartening difficulties that I encountered during May and June was my time management and inability to stay on top of my vlogs. I had about two weeks during these two months in which I broke my routine of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was so so sad to do this, and it really upset me and made it harder to get back into vlogging.

As most of you know, I am very passionate about Memory Keeping, and my vlogs are my biggest form of that. It made me sad to know that I was missing out on documenting important parts of these two crazy months, but I know that I needed to step back and focus on my business and my family first.

Simply working to better structure my time so that I can get everything done that I need to get done (even when I have crazy busy months like May and June) is a life accomplishment that I am striving to perfect every single day.


So, to wrap up this blog post I want to take a look at some of the goals that I made in my April Recap post, and compare all of that to how I did these past two months.

Start running (anything, even slow, just move)

I did not run at all these past couple of months; however, I did keep up with my (almost) daily walks with Skye. We go on an almost 2 mile walk basically every day, so I am definitely keeping my body moving. Trevor and I have also played a lot of tennis in May and June which makes me think that while I didn’t run I would say that I still knocked this goal out of the park.

Keep up with a new release schedule and constantly design

This goal is referring to my DigidaniCo Etsy shop which I have essentially abandoned for quite awhile now. After making this goal, I later decided that my Etsy shop isn’t worth my time at the moment. As much as I want to make everything a priority, this right here needs to be put on the back burner.

Finish an ebook for my website

Done, and done! As mentioned in my Successes section as the number one item—I accomplished this one. Check out my post and the ebook here.

Film at least one story for someone else that isn’t a wedding

Yes!!! I did this too. I was able to film and photograph a family session for my sister-in-law. It was an amazing experience, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to add that to my portfolio. You can review the images I took and glance at the amazing video on my Lang Videography website.

I’m happy with what I accomplished last two months, the new things that I learned, and the goals that I achieved. While I didn’t cross everything off my list, I am still proud that I was able to do so many things. Here are my goals for July:

+ read a book

+ successfully daily vlog all month long

+ book at least 2 more sessions of any kind for Lang Videography

+ wake up earlier in the mornings

As I always say, writing down my goals gets me excited to achieve them. It’s the same thing as having a mood board (which I really need to create, too) and seeing your aspirations written down every day so it inspires you. I am looking forward to all of the fun things we have planned in July, the vlogs I am going to create, and so much more.

If you aren’t caught up on our vlogs, then please check out our vlog channel here. I will be linking our May and June 2019 playlists below for you so that you can watch everything that we caught on camera during these past two months. I love that I can document my life, capture amazing memories, and store them away in my safe online world for others to view and myself to review for years to come. If you would like to learn how you can memory keep better, please contact me because I would be thrilled to assist you on your journey.