scrapbook update

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The other day on my Vlog Channel I talked all about my current scrapbooks and memory keeping projects. So, today I wanted to bring that conversation to my blog, as well, by talking about my current progress on our Honeymoon scrapbook. If you haven’t seen my husband and I’s very first scrapbook together— Our Story scrapbook—then I would highly recommend you read that first before checking out this scrapbook since the sentiments between the two correlate.

Continuing what I did in the Our Story scrapbook, I am using the Happy Planner ring bound system to create a smashbook of sorts. However, this time around I decided to go with the Mini size. I like the Mini Happy Planner size for documenting singular events (like our honeymoon) because it allows me to use numerous pages for documentation, but doesn’t detract from my larger fuller scrapbooks that will sit on my shelves. Where as, I use the full sized Happy Planner for yearlong yearbook style scrapbooking.

One thing I’ve been noticing a lot lately though is that the disc system does some really serious damage on my papers after extended use. For example, the Our Story scrapbook is starting to get caught in places and bent in certain corners from people constantly flipping the pages. With the disc bound system you have to be on a flat surface in order to properly flip. So, maybe you’ll see a transition in my scrapbooking style here soon.

Our first stop on our honeymoon road trip was to The Boyhood Home of Bobby Bones in Mountain Pine, Arkansas. I used my Polaroid Zip to print out perfectly sized and already sticky pictures throughout this entire scrapbook so far. I then used a hodge-podge of different Hobby Lobby or Michael’s scrapbook paper that fit the style of each spread.

One of the more difficult endeavors when using the happy planner for scrapbooking is to have to cover up the weekly dates and lines. This is often difficult; however, I do actually like it as a challenge. It forces me to be creative in ways of covering the dates and lines. I like to use washi tape and properly placed images/paper to accomplish this.

On almost all page spreads within my scrapbook I like to add tip-ins like this coordinates paper with a sticker of Texas. Throughout the scrapbook I used these state stickers to document our travels across the country, but Texas was just too big to put down on the paper. So instead, I chose to add the Texas sticker to another smaller page, punch it in, and then use the back side for more journaling space. Adding in tip-ins like this allows for more real estate, gives the scrapbook some rough dimension, and plays with different sizes and textures.

After staying the night in our tiny home in Waco, TX, we headed to all of the Magnolia things (Magnolia Table, Magnolia Market, etc.) and spent the morning enjoying good food and good aesthetics. Literally everything during that trip was picture worthy, so picking out only a couple was really hard. I felt like I wanted to include everything in my scrapbook. When I have days like this where everything seems so special and importantly I do the following things:

Firstly, I don’t try to hold back. I know that scrapbooks are meant to hold my story and pictures are a really important aspect of the story.

But I also know that not every pictures is meaningful—even if it is the most beautiful picture. So, I try to remember that I can make a photo album on Facebook or online to share all of these pictures with people in a way that doesn’t have to be in my scrapbook.

Colors and intentional patterns really made this spread stand out to me even though it doesn’t have that many pictures. Something about the bright yellow banana paper, checkered red washy tape, and ripped paper notepad really made this a whole vibe. I loved that everything seemed somewhat simplistic in this spread mostly just because it all matches so well together.

My husband had never seen the ocean before, so I have a couple spreads in my scrapbook all about that time when we made it down to Galvestone, TX. This is another example of a time in which I had about 200 pictures, but could only fit a few into my scrapbook. Another tip I have for those who have more pictures than they have room for would be to create an intentional story driven scrapbook (like this one) which includes meaningful images, words, and a cohesive story, but also to create a simple picture album to hold ALL the pictures when you have so many. You can use tools like shutterfly, blurb, or simply print them out and throw them into any ol’ pocket album. This way you have a scrapbook that tells the story of that event, but you also have another album that is simply for flipping through loads of pictures.

Playing with souvenirs and overlays is one of my favorite things to do. It’s also one of the reasons that I really like the Happy Planner disc bound system for scrapbooking. It allows you to punch anything with holes and pop it in. You can really see this present in my NASA scrapbook pages. I first used our ticket stubs as a method to introduce the story. I stapled them down to another piece a paper that I then hole punched for the discs. I like the idea of stapling things in your scrapbook because 1) it’s easy, and 2) it allows things to stay attached but also bendable so that you can see other sides if you were ever so inclined as to look at the back of our tickets.

Another one of my NASA pages includes the front part of the brochure we received. I cut around the astronaut so that you could see the background peaking behind him then stapled the bottom to the bottom of the page. This made it so that I could flip the brochure down. I covered the back of the brochure in white paper for journaling, and could use the rest of the page underneath for more images!

This scrapbook is not complete, but I wanted to give you an update on where I stood with my current scrapbook process. I am about half way through my Honeymoon scrapbook, and hopefully I’ll finish it all this summer. As you can see from the pictures above, I save the items from our honeymoon that I want to scrapbook by simply stuffing them into the end of the book. This allows me to keep everything in one place and ready to use whenever I get the chance.

Check out the video linked below for an in depth look at my entire Honeymoon scrapbook so far. Also, the video sneaks a bit of my digital scrapbook process so far. Have you ever thought about scrapbooking digitally? Check it out!!