5 reasons you need a videographer at your wedding


If you have a wedding coming up you probably have a checklist of vendors you need to book, things you need to buy, and hundred of to-do’s that you need to accomplish. One of those things on your list may be a wedding videographer. Now, you may be debating whether or not a wedding videographer is something that you need to be spending your money on, so I am going to tell you the five reasons that you really do need a videographer at your wedding.

Yes, hiring a wedding videographer is an extra expense you will need to budget for. However, it’s one which you should really consider. I love using video as a way of telling stories. At Lang Videography, we focus on telling stories that are an authentic representation of a couple’s wedding day by capturing the raw emotions, the connections between friends and family, and the emotions of your special day.

1. You can share it with others

Video is such a new media. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s that new, it came out in the 1950’s, but the video possibilities at such a consumer level is very new. For example, in 1956 video recorders were sold for $50,000, and the tapes cost around $300 per one-hour reel!! However, in today’s day-in-age, you can work with a videographer to capture ANY STORY you want to tell for as low as $100. But what’s really kicked off video in such a new age way is the explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years. And social media is the perfect way to share your wedding video.

You need a videographer at your wedding because then you can share your wedding with others. Your Great Uncle couldn’t make it, or maybe you have a lot of High School friends who now live all over the world that you want to share your big day with—well, the best way to do this is with video! When you book a wedding videographer you will get a highlight video of your big day which is perfect for posting on social media, emailing between family and friends, and sharing it all over the internet with others.

2. Photos don’t capture everything

While I know that wedding photos are a must, there are certain things that photos just can’t capture the same way that videos can. The posed shots, beautiful still moments, and glimpses of emotion are perfectly captured by a good photographer. But your vows, the first dance, laughter and crying, the speeches given by the most important people to you; all of these things can’t be captured with photos.

Wouldn’t it be great if I also had a video clip of this moment below? The photo is perfect and funny and makes me smile every time I see it, but I would have loved for the camera to be rolling. Video would have captured the mess that is this beautiful photo—me laughing, Connor crying, Ainsley trying to console everyone, and Parker just being great and smiling!

3. Videos capture emotion

Kind of like what I was saying about this photo above—it would have been great to see the live action emotion going on behind this photograph. Photos are wonderful at recording the little moments, but what they miss are the full emotions of the day. A video can record the sounds of laughter, the sparkling smiles of guests seeing the you walk down the aisle, and the break in the groom’s voice as he reads his vows.

Video brings you back to the whole experience. When you get your wedding video back and you get to relive the emotion and the joy, that is priceless. It’s not just an object or something to look at that reminds you slightly of your wedding day, it actually brings you back to the whole experience which is just something that nothing else but video can capture. I’ve worked with many couples who say similar things to this over and over again. Check out their reviews and really learn from others about how important it is to have a videographer at your wedding.

4. You’ll relive missed moments

Trust me, sooooo much is happening on your wedding day. It will feel like a whirl wind of activities. And as much as you try, there are going to be moments that you miss. Your wedding video will allow you to re-watch and relive those missed moments. You cannot be everywhere and be with everyone, but part of a wedding videographers job is to be in those moments even when you’re not. My favorite moments to capture that brides often miss are the way that the groom looks at his bride when she walks down the aisle, the way that the bride looks at her groom when he’s dancing with his mom, and the hilarious dance sessions that happen when the bride and groom are saying hello to everyone.

5. It will be a new family heirloom

If you know me then you know how much I love memory keeping. It’s an important part of my life, and I truly believe that it should be a priority for others. Memory keeping doesn’t have to be hard, and in this case it really doesn’t even have to be anything that you do yourself. Capturing your wedding day with video will ensure that you have this memory in a time capsule.

Your wedding video will be a family heirloom which can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Imagine in your old age showing your video to your great grandkids—how they’ll ooh and ahh at the old technology and different trends of your time. Different family members will be able to see themselves again in your wedding video and the memories will just flourish among all. When you pass it will be come an heirloom that your family will share and cherish and relive exactly as one does when they open a 100 year old time capsule.

Wedding videography is such a necessary investment. It captures your unique story and allows you to relive one of the best days ever. It’s not what it means to you today, but it’s what it will mean 10, 20, 30 years from now. Hearing the toasts, experiencing the excitement and emotion of your first look again, reliving all those little moments between your family and friends— it’s all there! Being able to bring yourself back to those feelings and emotions you felt on the day is something I can’t recommend enough.

If you’re on the fence about hiring videography, remember this: You may regret not hiring a videographer, but you will never regret making that decision to have your day memorialized in a video that you and your family will cherish forever. I strongly believe that when you hire a wedding videographer, it’s important that you see the quality of their work first. At Lang Videography we have a beautiful collection of example wedding videos (including other videos as well!) on our website.

5 reasons you need a wedding videographer