My Morning Routine (at work)

My morning starts off around 6am when I go through my "miracle morning routine" (more on that routine for a future blog post). I get ready for the day and head off to work. Now that I have a full-time job, the majority of my day is spent in front of a desk. This can be sedentary and monotonous--but, I believe that the perfect day has to start with the perfect morning.

I work 7am-4pm. It's an 8 hour work day with an hour for lunch. Most people don't come in to work until 8am, but I like getting that extra hour in before everyone else is there to really have some quiet headspace to myself and a time to focus on my bigger issues, or the 'blazing fires' as I like to call them. This is how I like to start my day--creating the perfect routine, feeling like I'm getting ahead, and creating a master plan that will help me have the most amazing day.

Here's what I do basically every weekday morning during this focus hour before everyone else gets in. This is one of my favorite parts of my day, and I really savor every minute of it.

Make the perfect area.

The first step for me to is set out everything. I grab my computer out of my super cute work bag and hook my computer to the dock which extends the display to all of my monitors. I lay out my bullet journal and open it up to today's daily page. I feed my fish, Billy the Beta, and make sure he's happy and healthy. Then by this point my computer is usually fully booted up and I can get to work. 

Put out the fires.

Working in a technical support role where there are constant issues and changes happening 24/7 with hundred of clients means that the work never stops. That being said, I do! I only work eight hours a day, so sometimes I come in in the morning from my evening away to some really blazing fires. That's why the first thing I do when my computer is awake and ready to go is read my work emails and check to make sure that anything urgent is addressed right away. Clients want help at all times, and it's my duty to make sure that I assist them as soon as possible. The hospitals must continue to function even when I'm away!

Time to eat breakfast.

Once all of the fires are put out or controlled for the moment, I have time to snag some breakfast. Going to work at 7am means that I'm not always hungry right when I wake up. I found that I rushed to eat in the morning when I ate at home because I was trying to do too many things. Now that I eat breakfast as work, I enjoy it more and can relax while I do so. This is a good time for me to get up and calm down after some of those more intense morning fires. I go to the break room, get myself some coffee, fill up my water bottle, and make myself some oatmeal. I keep a box of oatmeal single serve packets in my desk drawer so that everyday I have something quick and easy to eat.

Read theSkimm.

While I eat breakfast at my desk, I usually open up my personal email inbox and dive through a few of the emails that I get there. I don't take much time on this, but my most favorite part of my morning routine is reading theSkimm email that I get every morning! I have been signed up for theSkimm for years (read my Facebook post about it). TheSkimm is a short and sweet daily news email that gets delivered to your inbox bright and early every single weekday. It fills you in on all the important events from the day before. I like theSkimm because it's just enough information that I feel knowledgeable about our world, but not too heavy that I feel like a poli-sci major reading a stack of intensely dense newspaper/magazine articles.

It's written by two friends in their 20s in a hip and modern way that makes any hard hitting story and government shenanigan seem comprehensible. If you're interested in learning more about the company then read this. I love the language, the slang, the entire skim of articles that I get delivered to me every day. And if I ever want to know more about a topic or a story then theSkimm is riddled with links so I can dive deeper and deeper into the events that I care about.

If you're interested in theSkimm then please sign up via the button above! And also, let me know that you signed up so we can talk about how awesome this is together. I am a proud believer in educating yourself about things that are happening in the world (at least a little).

Get back to work.

And that's about it for my typical work morning. At this time when I'm done with my breakfast and just finished reading theSkimm, other people are starting to come in. Sometimes this routine is  little different if there are more fires or a early morning meeting or basically if anything else comes up, but I love trying to fit in this little bit of happy headspace every morning.

Do you have a morning routine that you try to stick to? What do you think of my routine? Leave me a comment down below expressing all your thoughts and feelings :D I'd love to hear from you. Also, if you're interested in having me write a full morning routine about what I do to create my "miracle morning" then please comment below and let me know as well.