My Bullet Journal Daily Pages

A bullet journal is basically any notebook you want turned into everything that you need. For me, it's a place to plan out my day, create to-do lists, journal, and take notes. For you, a bullet journal might be something completely different. That's the best part about bullet journaling--you make it work for you. This post is going to show you how I personally do my daily pages. I am hoping it inspires you! But by all means, don't forget that a bullet journal is YOURS and you should make it suit you.

The picture below shows you what a typical day looks like--header with date information, a timeline of my meetings and appointments, to-do lists for work and personal, and some journal entries.

The video embedded within this post will give a full explanation about what I do every night before bed in my bullet journal. Here's a brief overview:

1. Use my Tombow brush pen to write the day of the week.

2. Get out one of my monthly theme colors in my Paper Mate felt tip (M) pens and write the month and day.

3. Create my time tracker which is color coded to denote different aspects of my life and keep me organized.

4. Write out my two columns of to-dos for the day and leave room for additional tasks that crop up throughout the day.

5. Journal away and write all of my thoughts.

In my video I talk a lot about the utensils that I am currently using. I will also list them here.

- Tombow brush pen set
- Uniball Onyx Micro
- Paper Mate Flair (felt tips) Medium
- Uniball Jetstream 101

- Markings Leather Covered Journal

I wasn't able to find a link, but I got it at books-a-million.

Are you using a bullet journal? Leave a comment down below and let me know. If you're not using a bullet journal then hopefully this video inspired you to get started. I love my journaling system, and I plan to share many more videos wih you all.