Journal Prompts #1

Journaling has become such a big part of my daily life. I literally journal about anything and everything. Sometimes I do a stream of consciousness where I just write everything that I am thinking in the moment, sometimes I write out all the tasks and events I completed during my day, and sometimes I ask questions and answer my own inquiries. For journal newbies it can be hard to get the hang of writing so freely--at least it was for me in the beginning--so sometimes it's good to have a little more structure. That's what these journaling prompts are for.

If you're new to journaling and don't know where to start then these prompts may be perfect for you. Also, if you're an experienced journaler, maybe these prompts will help you be inspired to write something fresh and new.

If you know of any really good journaling prompts that you would like to share with others then please, please, please leave a comment down below!

Journaling Prompts #1

  1. What is something that someone once told you that you will never forget?
  2. Share something you're really struggling with at the moment.
  3. Write about someone who inspires you.
  4. What three things do you wish you had known earlier in life?
  5. Pick a part of your day that didn't go as planned and write about it in the way you wanted it to go.
  6. Write a letter to someone--someone you know, don't know, love, disagree with, anyone at all.
  7. What are your goals and how are you going to reach them?
  8. Describe what it means to be loved.
  9. Write about yourself from someone else's point of view.
  10. Choose a part of your body and only describe it using positive words. #selflove

I plan to write one of these journal entries as a blog post in the next couple of weeks. What one would you like to see?