My Valentine's Day Gift to Him

You can never go wrong with some good books and a nice mug. Trevor loved the gifts that I got him. He had been talking about this trilogy since the day weeks ago when one of our coworkers was raving about how good it was. Trevor said that it sounded like a book that he would like to read (and you know that I was all over that... mostly because I wanted to read them too). The "Hello Handsome" mug that I got him was just a cute and cheap add-on from Walmart. It came as a set with a "Hello Gorgeous" mug, and I thought it would be perfect for us.

Trevor isn't a huge reader. At least not as avid of a reader as myself. But either way, he still enjoys it--he just has a lot of other hobbies that take up his time as well. When Trevor showed interest in a book I really knew that that's what I wanted to get him because I love when others get sucked into a book that's just too good to put down. And I'm hoping that Trevor gets that into this trilogy!!

The mug idea was kind of a silly last minute thing. I liked the idea of getting him and I an adorable set. On the weekends I usually wake up (quite a few hours) before Trevor. I like to sit on the couch, drink tea, and read. But when it's reaching a time that I think Trevor should be getting up I make him breakfast, get him a cup of coffee, and bring it to him in bed. Now that I have this mug, I can wake him up and tell him he's handsome every morning with a cup of coffee.

If you want to see what Trevor got me, then head over to our joint blog!

What did you get for Valentine's Day? This day is all about love!! No matter whether you shared this day with a partner, family, friends, or simply by loving yourself, know that I love you!!!!