Feb 6 - 12 | Weekly Vlog

These weekly vlog posts are seriously one of my favorite things to do. I love spending me beginnings of the week to edit and put together every clip and picture that I have from the previous week. It's important to me to just take the time to remember each day and document it in some way.

Monday is Movie Monday--we watched an oldie, but a goodie, Drumline. Tuesday we just hung out and got some reading done. Wednesday we enjoyed wine Wednesday and a bubble bath (which Danyell fell asleep in the tub). Thursday Trevor did not feel well, so we got pizza for national pizza day and chilled. Friday was spent driving back home to Trevor's hometown of Ellsworth. Saturday Trevor got a haircut (he looks so good) and spent time with family bowling. Sunday was spent watching a few movies and traveling back to Kansas City. 

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What is a weekly vlog?

Our weekly vlog videos are a compilation of clips throughout our week--clips of us learning new things, trying fun stuff, and exploring all the places! You can expect these videos to contain bits and pieces from Monday-Sunday with a new video coming out every Wednesday morning.