My Search for a Full-Time Job

I've applied a few places, put myself out there, and been perfecting my resume constantly. When I graduate in May I want to have a full-time job lined up. I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for--but, I do know that I want to be successful in whatever I do and have the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead.

Only about a month ago, a recruiter from Cerner contacted me. They found my resume via The School of Informatics and Computing's career website in which I had uploaded a master copy and updated my profile recently. I received a call from a number I didn't know--and like I always do, I ignored it since I didn't recognize the number (I know, shame on me). Thankfully, the Cerner recruiter left a voicemail which I promptly listened to and called back almost instantly.

Let's be honest, I had never heard of Cerner. It's a company in Kansas City that deals with Health Care, and they were interested in me as a Technical Support Analyst. The recruiter asked if I would be interested in a phone interview, and of course I said yes!

A few days later I got a call. This call allowed me to ask all of my questions about what Cerner was, what my possible role could entail, and anything else I was interested in. The interviewer asked me simple questions like: whether I'd be willing to move, my desired income, my experience with IT, etc. At the end of the call she said that she was interested in me and we scheduled another phone interview for a week later.

That interview came, and it seemed just as happy, personal, and easy-going as the one before. I felt comfortable talking on the phone and was confident in my answers. At the end of that interview I was told that Cerner was interested in flying me out to Kansas City!!!! Like, what?! I was so giddy and excited I called all of my family and friends. I was getting an all expense covered trip to Kansas City.

I am very thankful for the possible opportunity to pursue a career with Cerner. But I'm still keeping all of my options open.

I've also applied to places in the area that I am now, a position with Epic in Wisconsin, and some places in Indianapolis. I am still on the hunt looking for the perfect job, but I'm getting nervous that my end of college is near and the beginning of my "big girl life" will start soon.

Ideally, I would work for a company that is located close enough to my family that I can visit often. Staying in Indiana isn't necessarily the dream, but family always comes first. S and I have done a lot of talking and soul searching, and we know what we need as a couple to be happy together no matter where we go.

Anyways, I have been vlogging some lately. I filmed some clips while I was preparing for this interview in Kansas City. Check out my vlogs below!!