March 2016 Goals

I prefaced last month's goal post with how it felt so good to accomplish all of the goals you have set out for yourself, but that being said, it also feels so bad when you don't accomplish anything that you hoped for. This past month was a busy one for me, and I am going to use March as a good recuperating (spring cleaning?) month for me!

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Last month's goals:

+ Create weekly vlogs to go with my Tea Time posts.

Life got in the way of this. You'd think that since I was so busy that I would have wanted to vlog every moment; however, the type of busy that was consuming me was not the type of busy that I would expect a lot of people to enjoy watching.

+ Read 4 books.

If you read my recent Reading Wrap-Up blog post, you will have seen that again, I was too busy, and thus did not have a whole lot of time to read. I did read 2 audiobooks though, which is half-way towards my goal.

+ Publish my first BookTube video.

I have been putting this off for many reasons--but mostly because I don't feel like I've read enough to be a booktuber.... we will see.

+ Reach 1,700 page views this month.

Since I didn't post a lot my page view count went WAY down!!!

+ Apply for 10 jobs.


+ Start drafting our book.

Yes!! I think this was the only goal I actually achieved this month. S and I started writing out some concepts and creating our character for a book we want to write.

March Goals

February was a downer for me. And I really want to turn around and use March as a month to really get the ball rolling again. I feel like I can accomplish a lot this month, and I am striving to feel happier and healthier than ever before. I am going to set myself up with some easy to accomplish goals that will push me right into the next month stronger than ever!

+ Record clips for a monthly recap video.

+ Read 4 books.

+ Start running again.

+ Practice yoga #everydamnday.

+ Journal before bed.

Want a look at my yearly goals for 2016--check them out here! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?