7 Blog Mistakes You're Probably Making

Whether you just started your blog yesterday or are a seasoned blogger through and through, you may be making these mistakes right now. If you're ready to take your blog to the next level, then make sure you aren't making these 7 blogging mistakes. These uh-ohs can take your blog readers from "give me more" to "I'm out of here" real quick.

Blogging is supposed to be a learning journey. And I'm not here to tell you that I didn't also make these mistakes along the way. But I do know that the sooner you fix these mistakes the sooner you will start receiving blogger success.

1. Not networking with other bloggers.

This was one of those tips that took me forever to realize how much it would actually mean. I thought for the longest time that networking with other bloggers was only going to make me some awesome friends. While that is exactly what happened, it also gave me the opportunity to become friends with all of the bloggers reader's as well.

If you're interested in networking with me, then check out my Blogger Series posts, here. Also, one of the best ways that you can network with other bloggers is simply by commenting on their content. Make sure you are always genuine and are commenting because you truly enjoy reading their content!

2. Having images that don't fill your post area.

This is my #1 ultimate pet peeve!!! If your images aren't as large as the text box that your posts consume, then you are not doing your blog design any favors. By making the width of your images span the entire post area you create clean lines and a cohesive design. This will make your site more appealing and more professional looking to any readers who stop by.

3. Ignoring social media.

Your blog is never going to get discovered without social media. Now, I'm not saying someone can't google your content and find you that way, but what I am saying is that your current readers are never going to know when you update your content unless you alert them via social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with your readers one-on-one and in a more personal manner. TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, all of these social sites allow you the opportunity to engage with your blog readers in a way that you can't simply do through writing posts.

4. Not breaking your posts up with headers.

Imagine if this blog post that I am writing right now was not divided by headers. I could write this content like an old high school essay where every paragraph would have an intro to the topic I am discussing, but would you want to read that? By breaking my paragraphs and topics up with headers, I allow you to quickly skim my posts and read what you're interested in. Headers also make the long content appear more easily digestible.

5. Having too much clutter on your side bar.

This is another pet peeve of mine, and it is also a common rut that people often find themselves in. The sidebar is prime real estate for anything that you want to promote or share--this is the area where you link up your popular posts, all of your social sites, your contact information, a promo or two, and maybe even some ads. But that all can look too busy and too crazy really quickly.

A clean sidebar will draw your audience to the most important thing about your blog, your content. If you want to make sure that you are promoting your content or anything else that you might be selling, then I would suggest using your sidebar less and using your blog posts more! Your blog posts are why your readers came here anyways, so make sure that is what stands out!!

6. Posting inconsistently.

Having a consistant blogging schedule can really let your readers know when they should be expecting you and when they should drop by. If your schedule is rare or constantly changing then your readers may not know when to come to your site or will forget that they need to check up on you. So, let your readers know that you are posting consistently by creating a schedule that is always the same.

7.  Not having goals for yourself and your blog.

Your blog can be a past time, a way to make money, a place to keep you sane, or anything else for that matter. But no matter what your content is like on your blog it is still important to set goals. Goals will keep you focused and give you a direction. If you're a lifestyle bloggers, maybe your goal would simply be to connect with some friends. Or maybe you're a food blogger and your goal is to start writing your own cookbook. No matter what you are blogging for goals can give you a chance to grow, learn, and shine!

Are you making any of these common blogging mistakes? I know I was making a few of them for the longest time. If you need any help getting started with blogging or taking your blog to the next level, comment down below and we can get in touch!