Tea Time No. 009

I got sick this past Friday, and that's all I could think about when I thought of this past week. But writing things down made me realize that I actually had a very happy and productive last couple of days. That's what this series is all about--making sure that I see the good in my every day life!


Martin Luther King Jr. Day meant no school for me. I spent the day catching up on all of my blog work, house cleaning, and prepping for the week ahead. I swept the floor, did the dishes, picked up the kitchen, started our crockpot dinner, scrubbed all surfaces, organized the living room, wrote two blog posts, and scheduled my email newsletter. I'd call that a successful day.


I taught my first IT Training workshop of the semester--Excel 2013: The Basics. It was an easy one to start out with, but I was still nervous because I felt so out of sync. It wound up going really great, and the participants said that they liked my teaching style as well. It was a good day.


Today we got one of the biggest snows of the season so far--nothing major, but it was enough to make the town plows freak out and do a sucky job (oh wait, that's all the time). Today all I had was yoga class, so after that I came home and got someone more blogging stuff done. I also watched A LOT of "Once Upon A Time" on Netflix; I think I'm obsessed.


Nothing spectacular happened today. I gave a presentation in one of my classes, and it went really well. After that S and I decided to splurge for dinner and ate at a Chinese buffet. It was sooooo good! My favorite thing to get at these buffets is the sugar donut--I live for those!


I woke up today with a headache and decided to skip my cardio workout. After the day went on I started to feel more and more crummy. Suddenly, I was full-blown sick: puking, pounding head, knotted stomach, the whole nine yards. I spent all night pouting in bed and waking up every couple of hours.

BTW, I'm feeling much better now--I think I just needed some rest and a mental break.

P.S. All of the images above come from Instagram!!