How to Survive Finals

Final exams are fast approaching, and for me, this can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Headaches, late nights, and lots of junk food can do a real number on your system. But staying 100% and healthy the week that you need to take these retched exams is what's going boost your confidence and help you pass with flying colors.

The time is coming where all of campus is going to be sitting in the library cramming their hearts out. It always seems that even though we know this week is coming, we still can't prepare and wind up in over our heads. Starting early is hard, but hopefully these steps will help you get prepped, ready, and feeling better!

Plan, plan, plan.

It's hard to plan isn't it? Especially in the spring semester when it's finally getting warm and the last thing you want to do is stay inside and study. In order to reap the benefits of the warm weather, it's super important to start your study process early. If you've been studying for the past month then taking a day off to play out in the sun really won't hurt. But you need to start early and think ahead.

Eat healthy snacks.

I see you looking at me saying, "Awww yeah Danyell, I've got this snacking thing down!" But question yourself, are you eating things that will make you feel good the day you take your test? Are you keeping your energy levels up with fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of really good food? I know I'm victim of eating SO many bad thing when it comes to finals week, but I feel so much better when I take the time to eat good food and snack on healthy things instead of junk.

Take breaks.

When you plan ahead you have lots of chances for breaks and days off. But even on the days when you need to spend a few hours studying it is still key to take short breaks. I like to study for about 30 minutes and then break for five. This makes me focus harder when I'm actually working, because I know that I'll have a couple minutes soon to crawl Facebook or read some blogs.

Listen to music.

Rocking out to some music always makes time fly and the work you're doing seem not so hard. I like to listen to music that has no words so I don't get distracted, film scores are best! Some people like classical music, but be careful--they may put you to sleep. Everyone has different preferences, so find what works for you and just listen, concentrate, and focus. 

Get plenty of sleep.

I saved this one for last because I know how hard it can be. I struggle getting in 6 hours a night, let alone the recommended 8! But I've been trying. Eating healthy, planning, thinking ahead, and everything else I've been talking about on my blog lately will help make sleeping easier and more relaxing. Even the night before finals when I know you have a million things on your mind, try winding down and taking a long sleep before that big test.

This month's theme is finals and study hacks. These exams are right around the corner and getting a jump start is really important. Come back and read more about my school tips this month!