Staying in Bloomington for the Summer [As Seen On: WeAreIU]

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Are you sticking around for the summer? I've done it for two years now, and it's absolutely amazing. Most students love the IU campus during the school year - they love the fall, winter and spring - but let me tell you, the summer is the best time! I personally like that most students are gone and things have calmed down a bit. There are flowers blooming, huge green trees and the sun is shining down on all of the beautiful limestone buildings. Fellow students that I've talked to about staying in town for the summer usually retort with, "Why? What does Bloomington have to offer me over the summer?" My answer: "SO MUCH!"

Take classes.

My first answer to people who question why they should stay in Bloomington is: classes. What's the harm in getting a couple extra credits done over the summer? Typically, these classes are shorter, and you don't take as many at once. You can take them on campus, or online which is really convenient for summertime fun. Also, you don't have to take your classes at Indiana University -- Ivy Tech and other colleges offer classes that might fit your budget or schedule better. My only suggestion is to make sure that those credits transfer before you begin.

Enjoy the parks.

Bloomington is an amazing town with tons of parks. These are vibrant and beautiful places all over this town meant for great summer days. Have you ever been to Lake Lemon or Lake Monroe? The state park? Or even just that wooded area down the road from you? They are all perfect places to relax and enjoy the beauty of the world over the summer. Read more about what Bloomington parks have to offer you here.

Catch up on your reading.

The Monroe County Library has gotten rave reviews with comments like "one of the best public libraries I've ever used," and "great staff." All-in-all it's wonderful. I'll speak from personal experience, and say that this library is glorious and huge and has everything you need for a long summer day of reading. I've grown up all of my life reading books. As a young girl I lived right across the street from my county's public library, so I love spending my summers on the beach, in the grass or on a bench in the park reading a good book.

Visit the museums.

Since you were working too hard during the school year to go out and visit the amazing museums around Bloomington, the summer is the perfect time to do so. Some really popular museums that you might like are Mathers Museum of World Cultures, The Monroe County History Center, and The Sage Collection. There are so many other places to visit around Bloomington, so I recommending making a day of it and spending time figuring out which ones you would love to see!

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