Introducing: Danyell's Blog Consultation

Are you new to blogging, or do you just want to grow your brand/blog some more? Do you have questions about monetizing, social media strategy, design, or organization? I would love to help! I have been blogging for over two years and have worked with many other blogs including The New Blak, WeAreIU, CPM, and IT Training Tips. I pride myself in being a social guru, and I love meeting new blog friends especially when I can help them along their journey.

A blog consultation is a great way to find out what you're doing right, what you could do better, and what you're not doing and should to be. When I review a blog, I provide feedback on the design, content and layout, writing style/voice, as well as your engagement on social media. If you chose to participate in a blog consultation you will receive an email with all of my attached documents of notes, suggestions, and comments. After this time, you can feel free to email Danyell for any questions, concerns, or needed support.

Is a consultation good for you?

Do you use online media to establish your brand?
Online media includes websites, blogs, and all social media (like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). If you are using any of these channels to market yourself or your brand either through sales or general content creation, then my Blog Consultation package can benefit you. I will look at how you are implementing these online sites and utilizing them to market yourself in the most effective way.

Are you looking for suggestions on how to revise your blog template?
This is what I love most! Let me help you make your blog look timeless and dynamic. I have designed multiple blogs and have over 5 years experience with blogger and html/css. I can assist you in discovering how your blog should look and feel in order to personalize your brand. I will critique your current design and give you suggestions to grow on.

Do you have questions about blogging and social media?
Any question is a good question! My Blog Consultation will provide you with plenty of answers to questions that you may have had about your own blog or online content in general. Also, once the consultation is complete I will provide my assistance and contact information for any follow up questions or concerns.

To find out more about my services like advertising, sponsorships, and custom blog templates, check out my Advertising/PR page. I'm excited to hear from you all and begin my new business. I love your support and suggestions, so please feel free to contact me or leave them in the comment section below?

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"I was excited to see my consultation results with Danyell. She was professional, helpful, and very quick to respond. Her advice was on point! I got loads of input about things I had not thought about. I really feel this is an awesome way to get feedback about your blog and social media and you get great information for the price." -Jasmine from Thoughts Freed

"Danyell is so amazingly helpful with her blog consultation. She brought up things that I didn’t even think about, and helped me to start thinking more seriously about my blog and its future. She takes her time and gives you so many suggestions and advice, I would definitely recommend!" -Lauren from Life Out of the Nest