An open letter to my leggings

Copied from my old blog:

Dear Black Leggings,

I love you. It's that simple. No matter what, you are always there for me...
Plain leggings, you will never let me down on days when I think I have nothing to wear. You always make an outfit no matter how I want to wear you. Sometimes you get paired with something more put together that I wear to work. You always seem to match well with that sophisticated striped tee and a stiff jean jacket. You also get paired with sweatshirts and old IU t-shirts, yet you have no qualms about which way of dressing you up is better. I love that you can always make me feel comfortable in any situation.
However, with all that being said, leggings, I still need to let you know that I want to move on. You can't be the only clothing article in my life. You can sometimes be clingy because you always want to be right by my side. It's not you, it's me… I am too attached and that's why we must stop and go our own ways.

I will always love you,