My newest obsession

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!

I try to keep this blog a little more professional and formal. It started out as something like that of a diary which I would just talk about my day. Now, I attempt to post things that I think you guys will actually be interested in and attempt be a little more planned with each post. However, sometimes I still need that outlet--I still want to have a place that I can talk about what ever I want whenever I want and not worry about any judgment or have any care about who is seeing it.

This is where my new obsession comes in: Tumblr. Okay, don't worry... I will not let my actions on tumblr affect my blog here (other outside events have been causing stress and concern in my life that have not allowed me to produce amazing content on this blog at the moment), but I am using tumblr as a place for me to reblog images that I like and that suit my personality, a main hub for my random thoughts (...other than Twitter), and as a place that I can waste time without any worry of who is seeing the content and when they are seeing it.

That all being said, I still want your opinion--do you think that I should keep those diary like posts on Tumblr, or would you like to see them on this blog instead?

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I love you all! Peace OUT