Things I love about Spring! [Tuesday Twenty]

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Good evening critters!

Sorry this post is getting out so late. It is my spring break after all, and I am having a hard time getting myself motivated to do anything other than play WoW or lay in bed all day. So, in the spirit of this wonderful break that I am having I have listed twenty things that I love about Spring--one of my favorite seasons!

Here's this week's Tuesday Twenty:
Twenty things I love about Spring

  1. All of the flowers begin to bloom.
  2. The trees start to get leaves.
  3. Houses get cleaned.
  4. People come out into the world more often.
  5. Clothes that show a little more skin are acceptable again.
  6. Longer days.
  7. There are lots of baby animals.
  8. People are generally more optimistic.
  9. The air smells good.
  10. You can open the windows.
  11. Rarely do you ever feel cold and miserable.
  12. Spring makes everyone happy and positive.
  13. All the birds tweet all day long!
  14. Taking Zoey out for a walk is actually fun and relaxing.
  15. Porch swings get used again.
  16. You can roll down the car windows and blast music loudly.
  17. It gets everyone excited to loose that winter weight.
  18. I can wear flip-flops again.
  19. It's the perfect time to go running.
  20. Spring leads to summer!!!

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I love you all! Peace OUT