Recording World of Warcraft [3/10-3/16]

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

The more I blog the more I learn. Thats what I say all of the time. I am constantly talking about my learning on this blog, but that's what life is all about right!

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Here's what happened:

Monday- I hope to get used to recording my life better. I let Zoey play in the mud this day, so then I had to give her a bath. When she drys off she gets really crazy and excited, and it's always so funny. I worked, too. After work I played WoW... as the usual lately.

Tuesday- It was beautiful this day! So, classes weren't hell to go to like normal.

Wednesday- After going to all of my classes Sky and I ate dinner at a food court-- so, yummy!! Then when SkyCzar went off for work I surprised him with a clean and reorganized room. I moved everything around and made it so pretty (make sure you watch the video to see the before and after).

Thursday- So, don't yell at me, but I am a terrible student. I skipped all of my classes this day!! Spring break starts on Friday so I was just like "WTF I don't want to go to class."

Friday- Today was the very important day in which I finally figured out how to record everything properly in WoW!!! YAY! I couldn't believe how hard it was. Make sure to comment below and click the like button on my video if you want to see how I actually will be recording everything!

Saturday- I didn't wake up until like 3pm this day, haha! So I just got up and went to work. Sky worked too--from 10pm-3am. We just spent our weekend playing WoW.

Sunday- Sadly, this day wasn't much more fun either. Mostly we just slept all day and then drove back to our hometown. A long drive and a boring day.

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