20 things Pinterest taught me [Tuesday Twenty]

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Good evening critters!

I know that there are lots of people who talk about Pinterest fails and triumphs, all of things that they learned, and Pinterest life hacks that they've tried out. Being a Pinterest addict myself, I have so many stories to share. Of course I've spent too many hours on this wonderfully addictive site, yet I don't feel like I can get enough.

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This week's Tuesday Twenty:
Twenty things Pinterest taught me

  1. There are tons of ways to attach a belt.
  2. It takes three mascaras to get perfect lashes.
  3. There's a pink lake in Australia.
  4. You can wear a halter bikini 6 ways.
  5. Baby otters are the cutest things in the world.
  6. There are lots of ways to use a Keurig.
  7. Water can be more than just water.
  8. Health and Mana really must be drank while seated.
  9. My future kids will love to do chores.
  10. You can really buy a Little Mermaid Dinglehopper.
  11. Plain T-shirts can become pretty peplum tops.
  12. There are ways to make a healthy cake.
  13. World of Warcraft can be super cute.
  14. There is a sequel to the Wicked.
  15. Tons of books are perfect for summer reading.
  16. You can buy a whole top made out of daisies.
  17. There is a guide to what to watch on Netflix.
  18. The Tooth Fairy can make receipts.
  19. S'mores can be cooked on a rake.
  20. Gaming together means staying together.

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