Let's talk characters-- World of Warcraft character remodels and lvl 90 boosts

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Today I wanted to get in on the action and talk about my thoughts and opinions on some of the many changes and upgrades happening in the World of Warcraft. Let's focus on characters today. I will be diving right into the brilliant and shinning new character models and edging into the murky debate of level 90 character boost.

Character remodels

Uh duh, why wouldn't I be happy with this. As a noob who stepped in only recently during the last expansion of Pandaria, I was blessed with the initial view of pretty good content. However, looking at certain characters like Dwarfs and Orcs should make anyone's skin crawl. Since vanilla these characters haven't changed in appearance, movement, or any other sort of upgrade. So, they were in dire need of some sort of change, and Blizzard decided to take that to the next level with some amazing remodels for nearly/if not all of the characters!

As of today, a lot images of newly remodeled characters have been released. Here are some that should get any devoted player a little excited (all remodel pictures courtesy of polygon):

Level 90 Boosts

I am not the type of person who will generally spend a lot of money on in-game purchases. I am typically pretty content with the items that I can receive without spending more than my $14.99 subscription fee that I am already dishing to this game monthly. Therefore, my views on the level 90 boost that is available in the store for $60 are pretty impartial.

I like the idea of making that an option for players because I understand the struggle of grinding out levels to meet up with your friends. I am hoping that these boosts will not get misused by inexperienced noobs, but rather work as a quick jump after skills are mastered through training. With Blizzards new addition of some training grounds on the way this looks pretty promising.

Photo via Blizzard.
 As for the dollar amount, I think that Blizzard did the right thing. The price needs to be high enough that players understand the jump in levels that they are making. This might hinder players from creating new characters from scratch and then boosting them to 90 with no real experience of how the game is played. The amount of money spent on these boosts should be reasonable enough that a devoted player might want to spend that kind of money, but not so cheap that everyone will be walking around with 11 level 90s on 4 different realms.

What are some of your opinions on these changes in WoW? Let me know in the comment section below!! And don't forget to check back soon--I'll be discussing other Blizzard changes like the new addition of Garisons in World of Warcraft, as well as my excitement for Hearthstone on iPad.

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