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Today I am going to discuss one of the most useful studying applications available. Whether you are sitting at a desktop, laying on the couch with your iPad, or walking to class with your iPhone, Brainscape is the best app to use for studying flashcards on all devices...and its FREE!

By creating an account either online or through the app itself, you can start to create flashcard libraries. These libraries are like our rubber banded card decks most of us use today. Brainscape allows you to make flash cards that are exactly like the paper ones but so much better. This app gives you the opportunity to have that same learning experience, but without the mess of tediously writing them out or the hassle of carrying a bunch of cards around.

Screenshot from the app on my phone.

Cards can be created on any of your devices (however, advanced settings are only available on desktop). You can add text, images, sounds, and more to help you study in the best way possible.

Brainscape gives you the opportunity to select how well you knew each individual card, which then gives you a breakdown of how well you know the entire set. This is benefitial because it allows each user to rate the card on their own judgement of their confidence and achievement. As you study, cards that you do not know very well will pop up more frequently than those that you have selected as knowing perfectly. Cards can also be starred, skimmed through, or searched specifically.

There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of flashcards, but with Brainscape's confidence-based repetition method, it has been shown that this application can help you succeed better than any other app available.

And that's not even the best part. The reason that I love Brainscape so much is because the cards that I make can be shared with anyone. When I finish making a deck for my Art History class, I can post a link to my deck on the class' website and allow other people to study using my flashcards. Also, on days when I don't have time to make my own deck, there are hundreds and probably thousands of pre-made decks available!!

This video is a little old, but it really helps in explaining the concepts, functionality, and goals of this application. You can create an account today on any device for free!!

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