Lots of midterms [3/3-3/9]

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Good afternoon critters!

Another week of [somewhat] successful vlogging. I am still finding it hard to talk to a camera in public; however, I am working on it, haha.

Check out the video at the bottom of this post!!

Here's what happened:

Monday- This was a rough start to my week. I wound up having to drop a class because my grade wasn't were it should have been and there was no way to get it back up. It was a very stressful situation! But, things got better as the day went on.

Tuesday- I decided that this daily blogging thing was pretty difficult--I still find it hard talking to a camera in front of people (I feel weird). I studied for a midterm a little bit before I headed of to work to close down the store and finish my day.

Wednesday- Classes are kicking my butt! I find it hard to wake up early in the morning and am not doing so hot in that 8am class either :( Studying was stressful!! SkyCzar also finished up Enders game, so we got the chance to finally rent the movie. I surprised him after work with movie theatre popcorn, and we made it a date on our living room couch.

Thursday- MIDTERM!! It didn't go too bad, I felt really confident after the test, so hopefully my grade shows it. I only studied that day, but it was only astronomy 100. After that I had to study for another midterm that I had the next day.

Friday- MIDTERM!! I relieved some of that stress from the week by stopping at the mall. I returned a dress so I had a bit of extra cash. I got some mega awesome gelly shoes like when I was 7. I also got a mood ring just for the hell of it :)

Saturday- Sky and I went out this night! I was such a blast. I always love getting a little dressed up with lots of make-up and some false eyelashes.

Sunday- I made a nice dinner this day after work. I don't cook much so this was kind of a big deal. I made baked potatoes with lots of supreme topping to put on them. Peas are also like my FAVORITE food…sooo yeah!


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