The first weekly recap & Making my sisters look fabulous [2/24-3/02]

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

This is a new thing that I am trying, and I am hoping that I can keep up on this weekly vlogging idea. I really had a blast toting you all around this past week!

Here's what happened:

Monday- I didn't video tape anything because I didn't know that I was going to do this yet :) And the worst part is--I can't remember at all what I did on this day.

Tuesday- Sky and I ran some errands. We went to PetCo and saw some really cool animals... oh, and how could I forget the lizard that we saw! It's glass enclosure had a sign written on it stating, "One of us is missing a tail and is 50% off!" Poor lizard!

Wednesday- We had a slow start to our day. Nothing really happened: class, study, blog, sleep.

Thursday- This was date day!! My grandma got Sky and I a gift card for Valentine's day that we decided to use up at Olive Garden. We like being able to treat ourselves every once in awhile, and a date night was definitely due. After that we saw a free movie at the IMU.

Friday- I didn't vlog anything this day either because I had a midterm the next day. M118 is a terrible math class that everyone struggles with, and I knew that I needed to buckle down and focus.

Saturday- I went home this day to do my sisters hair and make-up for their big spring dance! It was a long trip, but it was worth it because they both turned out gorgeous!

If you want to see the specific portion of my daily vlog about my sisters dance click here

Sunday- And then I drove home. It was snowing so bad when I got to Southern Indiana that I was going about 20 mph the whole way! It made for a very long and boring trip!


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