Twenty Apps for Teachers and Students [Tuesday Twenty]

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Today I have another iPad related post :) I have been loving using mine for school AND play, but I think that a lot of times people struggle to find those amazing apps to help them stay organized, productive, and successful--and when this happens, the only thing left to do is play games.

Sometimes games can be fun, entertaining, and even a little educational; but, let's focus on the other ways to use your iPad.

Being that I am currently a student, I am going to focus on some amazing applications available for students and teachers. If you want to see/hear more about a certain app please, please, please comment below and tell me so!

Here's this week's Tuesday Twenty:
Twenty Apps for Teachers and Students
  1. iStudiez Pro- This is an amazing planner app perfect for students. You can insert your term, classes, grades, and more. It even allows you to add weighted grades and make contact forms for easy access to certain classmates and professors.
  2. TeacherKit- No more paper planners for teachers either! This app lets you create multiple classrooms where you can store student grades and behavior records, take attendance and create seating charts. There's so much packed into this app!
  3. Socrative Clicker- Now this one is both for teachers and students. A teacher can set up a question to quiz students in the middle of the lecture or create real tests (either for a grade, or just to see where the entire class stands). The answers can be anonymous or not, and this app is a great way to get students involved!
  4. Keynote- This is Apple's version of Microsoft Powerpoint. Any teacher needs this to make basic slideshows. Every student needs it as well--not only for slideshows, but to convert those slides into PDFs and other usable formats.
  5. Genius Scan- So sometimes, even in a tech society, there's still those teachers who think they need to give you paper handouts. This app allows you to literally scan that paper using the camera and save it as a file on your iPad... seriously, genius!
  6. Dropbox- There are other ways to store, share, and access your files among many devices; but, I find that Dropbox is the best. Often times it is perfectly integrated into other applications. Basically, you need a place to store your files on your iPad, and Dropbox works flawlessly.
  7. GoodReader- This is one of those apps that sync perfectly with Dropbox. There's so much good about this application I am going to have to do it's own separate post. Anyways, GoodReader is an app that lets you write on PDFs! This is what I use for all my notes. There's so much more than just a PDF writer that you can use this for...but thats for a different post.
  8. PenUltimate- Another note taking app. This one is free, easy to use, and very organized.
  9. Brainscape- The ultimate flashcard app!! I love how you can access the cards on the internet, within the iPad app, and on your iPhone. This is by far the best flashcard app that I have ever used.
  10. ClassDojo- This app, I would say, is mostly for Elementary teachers. It is very animated but allows you to track information, make graphs, and create reports for students behavior in class.
  11. MindNode- Great app for teachers and students. It helps you create brain webs for brainstorming, note taking, and whatever else you want.
  12. Google Chrome- Sad to say, but sometimes certain websites and website applications still don't work on Safari. By getting the Chrome app you can make sure that never happens.
  13. Pages- Apple's version of word... you just need it.
  14. MyScript Calculator- Screw that boring calculator app with basic buttons! This application lets you write out your problem and solves it right there for you. It knows advanced mathematics, trig, and lots of other stuff!
  15. DragonDictation- If you ever feel like not typing your paper, just talk it out with this app and it will write it all for you.
  16. SAT Up- There are lots of SAT prep apps out in the stores--personally (since I'm a college student already), I never used this application; however, I would recommend that all high schoolers get something now to help them prepare!
  17. Dictionary- The dictionary app through is amazing. It notifies you of the word of the day every morning, can say the word out loud to you, and so much more... just like the website.
  18. Google Translate- This is a basic translator. Perfect for any language class.
  19. Kno Textbooks- If you can't find your textbooks on Kindle or iBooks you can try this app.
  20. WikiBot- An application for wikipedia. Now I'm sure you all know that you really shouldn't quote from sources from Wikipedia... but, it's still a great learning tool.
You can find all sorts of applications here that Apple listed as some of their best education apps.
Again, let me know if there are any apps that you want to hear more about. I have a couple of videos and lots of posts planned!

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