Penultimate-- A simplistic note taking app for iPad

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Today I am going to discuss one of the most basic handwriting apps out there. Now, when I say basic though,  I do not mean "unimportant" or "not the best." For taking those every day notes--Penultimate is by far one of the most superior…and, its free!

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Penultimate is (in my opinion) one of the easiest to use handwriting apps for iPad. You can achieve the natural experience of writing on pen and paper that you are used to without the actual paper.

This app is run by Evernote; therefore, by setting up an account you can sync your notes over all devices to be easily accessed, printed, or shared.

Creating new notebooks is a breeze, and titling them is even easier. Penultimate (with your permission) can gain access to your calendar which organizes your notebooks perfectly based on your location, events, and times. However, if you want to title them something different it's as easy as double clicking on the notebook covers.

When writing actual notes you have multiple choices for pen colors, styles, and thicknesses. Words can be erased, moved, or un-did [is that a word, haha]. You also have the option to zoom in on a page in order to write large, but have it look small, which can create the most legible notes ever seen on an iPad!

Pages can also be moved around and reordered, merged with one another, or deleted entirely. There are different page styles like grid, lines, and plain. Using an electronic notebook like Penultimate gives you way more customizability, neatness, and unification that the original pen and paper.

If you want to learn more about Penultimate visit their official website here. This app is beautifully organized and designed, and can be perfectly integrated into any class or lifestyle. Purchase it at the app store for free now!

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